Rather than an “Amusement Park”, what rides and attractions might you find at an “Abusement Park”?

Rather than an “Amusement Park”, what rides and attractions might you find at an “Abusement Park”?

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  1. The tilt a whirl has iron maidens for you to sit in, I’m unsure the appropriate name yet.

    The log ride is in acid instead of water.

    The roller-coaster is enclosed and has no restraints or seats.

    The spinning thing where you’re forced against the walls randomly drops the walls and throws patrons into the midway.

  2. A very long line that looks like it takes you to the most exciting ride in the park, but once you actually get through the line, it deposits you into the parking lot

  3. You get put in a box… And that’s it. Every now and then they’ll put a little food and water in the box, barely enough to keep you alive.

  4. Staff follow you around and nit pick every attraction you go on. “You really think that ride will be okay, your father said the same thing at tour age and now look where he is.” ” Walk on the far left side of the path… Because I said so that’s why.” calls you out of line and when you get to them, they eithor say they didn’t call, or ask you to do somthig simple.

  5. A park full of “historic” wooden roller coasters that are still operational. Bonus points if they’re named Big Dipper, Comet, or Racer. Those things are classic but also pain machines.

  6. I’m 6’5 with a big bushy beard.

    There will be a ride where you’ll get the pleasure of trying to gain custody of your children from family court from an abusive ex from a judge who is a feminist.

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