Reddit , a girl who put you through alot of shit says “she misses you”, how do you respond?

Reddit , a girl who put you through alot of shit says “she misses you”, how do you respond?

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  1. Dealt with this from an ex who decided that leaving me for the poor starving artist life which included 6 hellish months of living together before she could move out.

    She told me she missed me on the day I had to put my cat down.

    I had pages of emotions typed out and then I realized my cat hated this woman so much the cat literally took a shit in her shoe. And you know what? Toaster was right. I deleted my long post and just sent back one word. “No.” Then I ignored her and moved on.

  2. depends on what you’ve been saying to her before this. I’m going to make an assumption here… If there was silence for a while on your part (no communication) and she comes at you with this, typically it means what what she was doing (another dude or whatever) didn’t work out so she’s reverting back to what is familiar to her to gain some confidence back, which is you.. she knows there is history and she can manipulate you to gain some confidence back. In this case if she put you through hell you should respond with absolutely NOTHING. Know your self worth and dont play her games.

  3. Take a screenshot and send it back to her with a text saying “omg look at the lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch” then block her when I see the typing bubbles pop up

  4. I would say something like ‘Thats sooo sweet of you’ and then say you have somewhere to be like the grocery store -somewhere super important….

    Don’t get back on that rocky road…

  5. Never respond and block her fucking number. She’s trying to open the lines of communication and if you let her you’re going to wish you never had I guaran-fucking-tee it. People like her will use & abuse your kindness if you let them. They are not good people. Do not message her.

  6. “Was dating my friend not enough for you?”

    Also you ruined my brain for a solid three months. Recovering from you was the best thing I ever did. Buuuuut, this is high school in a smallish town, so I have to put up with seeing you. Also, I have since found out firsthand that your twin sister is a better cuddler than you so there’s that. lmfao

  7. If you respond, she’ll know you still think of her… which means she knows she still has power over you.

    You’ve gotta take that power and use it for yourself, go do something for you, that will enlighten your life and not hers.

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