Reddit, what is your stance on making the bed when you wake up?

Reddit, what is your stance on making the bed when you wake up?

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  1. It’s the first thing I do. For me it breaks the day up, the bed part of the day is done so now I gotta go do other things. Plus, it’s much nicer to come home to a made up bed.

  2. i’m more likely to make the bed when i’m stressed or depressed

    it’s an old habit from being institutionalized, a way to exercise a little bit of control/discipline

  3. I don’t usually, but I feel so much better about myself when I do. Sometimes I just go all out fifties on myself and air out the duvet over the window sill.

  4. Nah. I just fold the covers back neatly so I can slide in when it’s bedtime again, and so it doesn’t look messy.

    It also allows the sheets to air out that way.

  5. Why bother. I just lightly straighten out the covers before I go to bed. My feet slightly hang off the edge of my queen so if I actually make a bed I just untuck it anyway and rip them off so it’s a lot of effort for no real benefit

  6. I wish I had the motivation to do it every morning. It makes things look so neat even if they’re not. There was a while when I went through a phase of always doing it but I abandoned that a while ago.

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