Reddit what’s the worst thing a teacher has done during class?

Reddit what’s the worst thing a teacher has done during class?

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  1. Man, I had two particularly shitty teachers. I’ll tell one story.

    I had an 9th grade science teacher tell us at the beginning of the year, whoever could make a working trebuchet would get an A for the class. So me and my two friends went all in on the project.

    We didn’t do any work, no tests, nothing. All that mattered was figuring out how to make a trebuchet.

    Well we figured it out. It was about 17 feet tall and it shot a lawn mower engine about a hundred yards, which was the requirement.

    Well the fucking bastard started back peddling about how he couldn’t give us an A because he didn’t really have that authority. He offered us a d because we didn’t do any work. But I appealed to the principle and we settled on a b minus.

    Bullshit if you ask me

  2. Laughing along with bullies and then punishing the bullied kid for leaving the classroom. I was the bullied kid. On top of getting bullied, I got a report card as punishment for leaving the room (think “probation” but in school. You have to get a written report on your every move for about a month. If teachers don’t like you, they’ll write down the slightest thing as a major incident).

    Oh, and I got beaten at home for getting the report card. A fantastic and wholesome childhood it was.

  3. When I was like 15-16 I was in Carpentry class and my teacher Mr.b would frequnetly start class high as heck on coke while operating heavy machinery.

  4. In middle school my art teacher picked up a stool and threw 20 feet across the room at the wall because a couple kids were talking, then I started laughing at his outburst and got sent outside with no coat in the 40 degree weather for timeout. Haha

  5. I was in special ed. Saying at least 90% of students at that school had autism would be an understatement. Once had a teacher go on a tantrum because a student didn’t have time to do his homework and the student got annoyed and said something slightly disrespectful as a response. The teacher, in front of the entire class, said “You autists are all the same.”

  6. when I was in middle school(I was 13), my history teacher was playing dubstep while the class was going on. one of the students said something like “we should open a champagne here” and he replied with something in the lines of “well, I could open another type of champagne for you” and made a gesture of unzipping his pants.

  7. One teacher broke down crying and screaming, and refused to teach our class anymore. Another smashed a school desk, chair combo into pieces in the middle of the autocad shop.

  8. My high school biology teacher had a sense of humor that was half funny, half mocking students in front of the class. The mocking might could be about a student’s bad test grade or even ragging on a smart student for “not putting effort in” even if they are doing well in class. If this screams, “bullying,” you’d be correct, as she was forced into early retirement before the end of my senior year.

  9. Had a professor who… just played another professors lecture.

    Any questions could be answered by the TA’s during smaller classes.

    Man got paid to play a video and read the news.

  10. Not during class, but she found my notebook where I wrote the lyrics of songs I liked after I had forgotten it in her class the previous day. Some of the songs had curse words in them, and she apparently didn’t like that. I was in middle school at the time, but she still found it inappropriate. So inappropriate in fact that she thought it was a good idea to rip out the pages of the notebook that had those words on them and throw them away. The next day I told her someone destroyed my book, and she admitted to doing it because I shouldn’t be writing bad words.

    So basically she didn’t like what I was doing with my private property, that I wasn’t showing anybody, and still felt it justified to destroy it.

    So yeah fuck you.

    She also gave students the option to either have their grade read out loud to the class or go up and see it privately at the end of every quarter, which is still fucked up because then those with bad grades either have to admit they know they have bad grades or have it shared with the class.

  11. Tell the entire class that the textbooks they bought…which were the ones recommended for the class…aren’t the textbooks he’ll actually be using and he’s ACTUALLY going to be teaching you statistics based on his gambling habits.

    Had a teacher do this to me in college and I noped out of there real fast.

  12. My math teacher (f) went into our classroom going around and said to evry girl that had mascara or stuff on them that they are ugly. Like literally in their faces.

    She also once photographed my chest arear because I wore a sweatshirt and was leaning forward while solving my math problems. I deleted it and was like “wtf?”. She then was like “yeah, that’s what everyone could see if they go by. You are too revealing!” Like wtf I was wearing a big ass sweater and I was like 13 years old…
    She was insane.

  13. Back in third grade I had this teacher who scared me to death, who was more open by the time I had him again in fifth grade. I remember one time in third grade I was sitting there, terrified and really needed to use the bathroom. The teacher refused to let me go at twenty minutes left and then spent the next ten minutes yelling at the top of his lungs at another student. That dipshit deserved it but not that extent. I remember him calling the stupid and brain dead fucking moron that wouldn’t get anywhere in life. I don’t remember the rest as I started crying, as this reminded me of getting yelled at by dad years before hand. I ended up peeing myself in the last minute of class, cleaned it up, never told him about it and I went to the office to call my mum.

  14. Had an English prof in college who spent the entire first class talking about how he’s a published author and columnist yadda yadda yadda. Picture English teacher who shows up to class in a motorcycle jacket, but drove a car to work. It was the early days of the internet so it took a little effort, but it turned out all he ever got published was some op-eds that ended up in crappy magazines with little to no circulation. “Someone” let it slip to the entire class (and his other classes) and I ended up magically failing the class.

  15. Once my physics teacher made every guy in class stand up and she insulted them one by one and my music teacher used to bring cigarettes to class in a plastic bag and throw art palettes at us

  16. There was a teacher who literally enjoyed punishing students even for small reasons. One day the teacher asked one student a question and he couldn’t answer… Then he stuck a pen between his two fingers and started to press. Each time the boy was screaming he slapped him and told him to be quiet. And after some time the boy was crying and he was also saying Ill words to him. Me and my friends tried to stop him and he gazed upon us and went outside. We complained about him and he got fired. The boy didn’t come to school for some time and for some time he was very afraid. This incident affected many other students also.

  17. I had in my class a guy name A. that was a little troublemaker but was a pretty sweet guy. He had a skin disease that made his skin flakes, leaving some bad rashes sometimes and he was very skin sensitive.

    This teacher had a bad time controlling his anger whenever class clowns were doing their things.

    One day, A. was being a bit agitated. The teacher got fed up and took him by his arm and his ear. But he took him with his nails. A. started to scream out of pain. He was bleeding hard. The teacher did not care.

    The teacher excused himself after A.’s parents called the school.

  18. Heart attack.

    Music class, guy kind of keeled over and turned green. He walked out the door and left us.

    He got to the office, 911 ambulance etc, he survived ….but yea, that was just about the worst.

  19. got permission to leave my current class to go visit another teacher to get a paper for an assignment that i had lost. door was locked when i got there, so a peer let me in without saying anything. the class was dead silent(both of these very odd as it was homeroom which is very social most of the time and teachers aren’t allowed to lock the doors unless there is an emergency). i get halfway to the teachers desk and she screamed “get OUT!!! YOU are NOT supposed to be in here, YOU are supposed to be IN YOUR CLASS!!! GET OUT!!” I could feel my face go pale and I got scared. I almost ran back to my homeroom, and I started crying as soon as I got back which started up drama. My teacher had me stay after class and had the other teacher come to her room and apologize. She did and said that she had locked the door because of her “spastic kids” were like dogs seeing squirrels when someone comes in. I should probably point out that I was friends with most of those kids, had known them for 2 years at that point and this was her first year. I knew for a fact that none of those kids were “spastic” at the slightest. She had been my favorite teacher until that day and for the rest of the year I made a point to not give a fuck about her class or her anymore.

    She still gives me a friendly “Hi!” or “Good morning!” every day but I ignore her. She’s an asshole whether she decides to cover it up or not.

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