Redditors, what are your jury duty stories?

Redditors, what are your jury duty stories?

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  1. Been summoned twice, picked for the jury twice, defendant found not guilty on all charges in both trials. Really makes me wonder how many people that didn’t have $30k or more to go to trial, are actually innocent and sitting in a prison cell because they had to cop a plea deal to take a lesser charge.

  2. Oversimplifying the whole thing: we awarded a dude half a mil from a railroad company when it seemed like it was the healthcare system that screwed him over. Final vote was 9-3 with myself against, but I wasn’t mad or disgruntled the guy won. I just felt like the wrong guy lost, though the railroad’s defense made like no sense. They were begging to lose.

    Funny fact about the jury though: our elected foreman (and a fellow negative vote) was a junior lawyer and I watched this man internally fall apart realizing how jury discussions went when the voting started. One of the jurors voted a question mark and lawyer boy just had that thousand yard stare. He looked like he was about to cry when we reached a positive verdict because people choose empathy over logic. I felt for the guy but it probably did make him a better lawyer…

  3. My mom was on one for a fraud case where this lady was collecting welfare under multiple identities. There was plenty of evidence as this lady was even bragging about it but out of the whole jury, my mother was the only one who voted “guilty” because everybody else was glad she was “socking it to the man..”.

    I’m not making this up.

    So my mother had to explain to this group of dumb-fucks where welfare money actually came from, and when these idiots finally realized that THEY were the ones footing her bill from the taxes they paid they finally came to their senses and came back with a “guilty” verdict.

    Even the judge was blown away by the sheer stupidity of these people.

  4. I’ve never served, and I’ll tell you how and why.

    **big dislaimer: this might not work in your jurisdiction and can end up with you getting a bench warrant**

    I just don’t answer the summonses in the mail. Several months will go by and they’ll send it again. The time you really have to pay attention is if they send it to you certified, but I always moved to another county by that time. So you reply and say you no longer live there. Then this slow governmental process repeats in your new county.

    I’ve done this in NY and CA for my entire adult life. 22 years and I’ve never served.

  5. Go in with about 30 other people. Our “wrangler” basically gives the skinny about what we can and can’t do (phone calls, where we can go, etc.) and tells us there’s a coffee stand run by a blind guy at the other end of the room. He mentioned the fact dude was blind repeatedly as if the dark glasses and the “I AM BLIND” sign on his stand was not some kind of tell.

    They played a video hosted by Judge Joe Brown about the importance of a jury, it’s serious business, etc. Then they switched to regular TV and we watched Price is Right, but we got word all the trials for the day had agreed to settle and they needed no juries so we were sent home before the final Showcase Showdown.

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