Redditors, what is that one skill that looks like a superpower?

Redditors, what is that one skill that looks like a superpower?

What do you think?

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  1. Apparently the ability to spot an obviously staged video is some kind of super power because most people on this site seem to be very bad at it.

  2. well because of long time exposure to a variety of STD’s from cheep hookers i can now shoot a laser beam from my penis. not sure how many have this but i use it to stop crime from time to time

  3. Apparently doing the rubics cube quickly. I can do it in under 20 seconds and people are always shocked. The real truth is that my hands need to always be busy so I just do it constantly

  4. Being able to know how fast your brain-hand coordination is and the specifics of the object in question (weight, spin, size, etc) that is falling, to determine where and how low you should get your hand to catch the falling object.

    Funny you mention this because just today I was getting a soda from the shelve in the store and another one fell off, managed to catch it because I can accurately and fast know where to put my hand.

    Seems like most people just point their hand to the object like it’s floating in the air lol.

    Edit: some spelling, probably much more wrong (not native language)..

  5. Two:
    1) The ability to quickly cypher math in their head. I have no such superpower so am delighted to have a calculator app.
    2) The ability to immediately know directions back to camp when in the woods without using gps, sun, etc.

  6. Pretty much any athleticism past a certain point. It doesn’t matter if your sport is unicycle racing, if you’re the best, it looks *impossible* to average people.

  7. Being able to work a rope properly, you can literally build anything, catch any animal and travel round the world if you know what you are doing.

  8. Aparently casting on yarn for knitting socks. I was knitting in public once and someone told me my cast-on looked like a superpower. It was a nice moment 🙂

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