Redditors, what’s the worst thing you have eaten out of politeness?

Redditors, what’s the worst thing you have eaten out of politeness?

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  1. My godmother was a 24/7/365 sloppy drunk. She insisted on cooking us dinner when we would visit. As kids, we knew dinner would be hours and hours late and always the same thing- pan fried “hamburgers” and the potato salad that had been sitting on the counter far past the 4 hour mark.

    The hamburger patties were flying saucer shaped hockey puck hard tasteless lumps of sad bland meat. They were set in the middle of stale white sandwich bread, draped in a shroud of wilted lettuce, and crowned with the thinnest slice of transparent tomato you can imagine. Dry of course.

    Over the years we choked these down with only tonic water and lime to assist. As we got older we learned to hide “bites” as her head would slosh from side to side and her eyes would cross.

    My sister once put the whole patty in a pocket and we spent half the next day hitting it with a 4 iron and fetching it back to launch again.

    We were told to always be gracious and never complain about the food because she had us in her will. Never saw a penny but we did learn some interesting social skills I strive to never use again.

  2. Where I’m from, we eat a lot of rice and beans. And some people, typically in low-income families, put little masses of flour mixed with the beans. It’s literally just flour and water mixed into a little ball and thrown in with the beans. This is usually a cheap way of making more food with less. It tastes pretty bland but the texture is what makes it the worst, in my opinion. Still, I would do it again if I was in that situation. This was in a very nice home, and they were just trying to provide me with a good meal with what they had. No fault of theirs whatsoever.

  3. Custard with hairs in it. An old aunt who we hadn’t seen in a long time had made it, and I ate it while trying to subtly pull the hairs out of my mouth as I felt them.

  4. My grandmother was ill and a bit confused before she died and made a cake with salt instead of sugar, we all forced down a slice and said it was good anyway and didn’t mind etc etc

  5. A glass of watered-down pureed honeydew melon. It had also gone way past ripe. I was a Mormon missionary. The lady was very, very poor and offered it us after we helped her move some furniture. I didn’t enjoy a lot of my mission, but I sure liked trying to help people that genuinely needed help. We took all kinds of random or gross offerings, because it helped people feel like they weren’t just a pure charity case.

  6. Tripe soup. Visited the family of my then boyfriend in the Caribbean and they had cooked for us.I have sensory issues with tripe and really hate the way it feels when you chew it.
    I smiled, tried not to chew, complimented the food and declined a second serving. Didn’t want to insult them by not eating.

  7. My friend’s pumpkin pie that was completely unseasoned and frankly looked half baked too. It was like eating raw shredded pumpkin. Not even cinnamon. It was a struggle.

  8. Spaghetti. Don’t get me wrong, I like spaghetti as much as the next person but something went very wrong in whatever he did to that sauce. It was sour like vinegar.

    Also my best friend when we were a teen went through a lavender shortbread phase and she always put too much so it was like eating soap. She still makes lavender tea lattes, I still hate lavender. Gonna drink the tea though

  9. Usually when I came over to my sister’s and her husband’s, I would end up cooking because they suck(they know) and I am a lettered chef. One of them decided to make baked spaghetti before I had came over. Served it up and gave me a glass of milk. Spaghetti mixture had flour mixed in it.. then the milk had fat dots accumulating. Dairy sketches me out easily. I had to try really had to not throw up/ gag and the experience felt like forever.

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