Redditors, where does cheating in a relationship start for you?

Redditors, where does cheating in a relationship start for you?

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  1. It depends on what each couple would consider to be off bounds.

    A good guide is if you’re doing something you would hide from your partner or wouldn’t do it if they were in the room with you, then that’s cheating.

    It can range from having sex with someone else, to simply flirting…

  2. When any sort of romantic investment in another person starts occurring. If my partner was texting someone and saying they loved them in a romantic way that would be enough to end things. Because at that point, they have made up their mind and have stated their intentions.

  3. I am aware my opinion is going to be in the minority.

    Pretty much physical stuff is the only thing I consider cheating. She can flirt with guys, hell even have an only fans and I wouldnt care, but if she lets someone fondle her boobs or kiss her thats crossing a line for me.

  4. A person unwilling to define boundaries that protect the relationship is someone who wants to cheat. When they say boundaries aren’t needed they’re full of shit.

    Their cheating begins with **Opposite sex confidants** – people they tell things that they wouldn’t tell their spouse. Once they have their ‘special friend’ they spend weeks or months inching further into their betrayal of you, so the actual sex looks like an accident when it happens. But don’t be fooled – they were a shitbag for the entire journey, and will remain one for the rest of their life.

    *Boundaries, and the willingness (or not) to discuss them.* Huge green (or red) flag depending on how they respond to the suggestion.

  5. Once I loose respect and realize that I’m just being used.
    I used to let people do that to me. Now I do the right thing and I break the hell up with that person.

  6. First tier would be texting another dude in a non platonic way.

    Second tier would be actually hanging out with this person behind my back and lying about where you were.

    Third tier is any kind of non platonic physical contact, holding hands to fucking its all the same to me.

  7. Cheating starts at lying, even by omission. I am okay with private conversations, meeting people she wants to meet, going away on business trips or going out and coming back late at night. But lying to me about it or about what happened? Or simply not telling me something I don’t want to hear ? That’s cheating.


    * “I will go out tonight, to see people you don’t know and talk about things you don’t care about”: we are in the clear, it is fine.
    * “I saw X and Y last night at their place”: if I know for sure that it is not true, then there is some cheating involved.

    It only works if you are not a creep, or even jealous. There needs to be mutual trust and respect. When trust and respect are gone, the relationship is gone too.

  8. Anything you wouldn’t want your partner to know about. It can be texts. It can be how much time you spend with a coworker. It can be liking someone’s IG picture. If you feel like you have to hide it from your partner it’s cheating.

    That being said i fully support non-monogamous relationships if they have been discussed and enthusiastically agreed upon by both+ parties

  9. I think a good guideline is if you wouldn’t want them doing it(whatever it is) don’t do it. If you wouldn’t be okay with doing it in front of them, don’t do it.

    If you have to lie or sneak around your SO, what you’re doing isn’t good for the relationship.

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