Redditors who almost died, what happened?

Redditors who almost died, what happened?

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  1. I was 20, and on my way to work on a Saturday morning. I had a 95 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Driving behind me was a mid 2000s Chevrolet Impala. He was swerving all over the road. He’d get right up on my rear bumper, swerve, fall behind, swerve, speed up, repeat. I tried to ignore him and kept driving. (First mistake) Eventually he fell out of sight. I finally come up to the parking lot, which is just over the crest of a hill and on the left. I’m waiting for traffic to clear to make the left turn. I have my wheels turned already so I can hit the gas and get into the parking lot. (Second mistake) While I’m waiting, I see something fast come up behind me in me rear view. It’s the Impala absolutely FLYING up at me. I didn’t even have time to say “oh, shi-“ when the lights went out.

    I woke up being stretchered out of an ambulance in the worst pain of my life. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest as I couldn’t breathe. Then, lights out again. I wake up one more time in what I think is a hospital OR to what feels like my right armpit on fire, then out again. I finally regain full consciousness in a hospital bed with a chest tube in my right side, an IV in my left arm, a neck brace on, and excruciating pain in my chest, head, and neck. My parents were both there, and one of the first things I remember saying was “my car’s totaled, isn’t it?”

    The Impala driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel and pressed fully on his accelerator pedal. He hit the rear end of my car at an estimated 75 mph. Because I had my wheels turned, I was pushed into oncoming traffic where a brand new Toyota RAV-4 then smashed into my passenger door at an estimated 50 mph, causing my car to whiplash around in the opposite direction it was rolling. The impact was so hard, it tore my rear wheel off and sent it a quarter mile down the road. They found parts of my rear brakes in a tree. The passenger door was touching the center console. The front bolts for my seat had sheared out of the floor. Originally, first responders thought the reclining mechanism had broken because I was laid back in the car.

    I suffered 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a severely sprained neck, a nasty concussion, a perforated eardrum, and various other relatively minor abrasions. Aside from the half-deafness in my left ear, newfound motion sickness, and occasional neck stiffness, I’d say I made a full recovery.

  2. I fainted once while drinking a glass of water. The glass hit the table, and my chin hit the glass. It was sliced down to the bone, but (due to shock, I guess) when I woke up on the floor and saw/ felt blood gushing down my neck and shirt, I was convinced the glass had slit my throat. I was kinda pissed, actually. I remember thinking, ‘Out of all the dumb stuff I did in life, a glass of water was gonna take me out? What the fuck?’

  3. Got very drunk at a house party, blacked out, and was found by friends vomiting while lying on my back. Happily they put me in the recovery position, but I shudder to think how differently that could have ended. Am now 9 years sober.

  4. When I was 3,my mom would take me to go for walks in the park near our home. One day,my child brain thought it would be a great idea to pick off the ground some fruit that fell from a nearby tree.

    My mom said she turned around for a few seconds and when she looked back at me I was gasping like a fish on land. She did the Heimlich maneuver on me and saved my life

  5. I was bathing in a closed room with a gas water heater that was on cause someone else was showering. i woke up naked on the kitchen floor with my parents standing over me looking freaked out.

    I got gassed and they had to break the door down when i wasnt answering their calls.

  6. I have two lol.

    1. When I was seven, I fell out of a tree, sliced my leg wide open and all the way to the bone, and nearly bled to death. Doctor said I would have died if it had taken even five more minutes to get to him and it took hours of surgery to put my leg back together. The scar wraps all the way around my inner thigh.

    2. When I was fourteen, I developed very severe thrombocytopenia as a side effect of a medication called Depakote. I get blood work done every six months to make sure my body is okay with the meds that I’m on, but the place that was doing it back then wasn’t checking everything that they were supposed to. By the time anyone realized what was wrong, I had lost around 85% of the platelets in my blood, had dropped from 170 pounds to around 105, had frisbee-sized bruises (very dark ones) in multiple spots from stuff barely hitting me, and liver damage. My body was basically falling apart on the inside.

    Most stuff healed over time, but the liver damage is permanent. I’m still pissed even two decades later, my mom should have sued the fuck out of the place that had been fucking up my blood work.

  7. Which time? Almost hit a giant buck going 70 on a high mountain pass in Colorado. Had to drift on the shoulder where there was a lot of snow in a ’86 Honda Accord. Luckily that dry Colorado powder is easy to drive though.

    Or the time my kayak flipped in the middle of the Bay of Fundy and filled up with water and sank. I was alone out in the middle of the bay with no life jacket drifting out to sea when my buddy saw me from a mile away and came and dragged my ass back to shore.

    Or the time I got stalked by a large male cougar in a remote area of Northern California for miles. He was persistent but luckily didn’t attack.

    Guess I’m on my fourth life

  8. I was riding home on a bicycle really high and drunk at 2am on the side of the road riding respectfully and as I should, came up to an intersection where the road oncoming is kind of a fork turn you can take really fast and a semi cut into the oncoming lane (that I was on the side of) speeding and blew by me what seemed like inches. I didn’t think about it much that night but it really started to make me think the next day on

  9. Most recent event was me doing a bunch of drugs with my boss and his bf, we all passed out around 4 am, I “woke up” around 630, and attempted to drive home to get ready for work. I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree doing 60mph. I walked away with both lungs collapsed, a broken first left rib, and a major concussion. I promptly fell back out, and when I woke up I was in the hospital bed with tubes in my lungs, like not down my throat but through my chest between ribs.

  10. I was in a scrapped MOT fail car, I think a Ford fiesta, when my friend picked me up (in the still turning car) using a telehandler machine – and dropped me into a shipping container like box, of the sort that used to be used by steam trains to replenish their water.

    I def nearly died.

    Pranks and jokes by the crew were a daily occurrence, so when I saw him coming at me, I thought he’d just tip the car a little. Instead, my mate got the forks fully under the car and lifted me up, 15ft off the ground, wheels turning.

    I was screaming, but when he dropped me into the container using the telescopic forks, I really began to shout, because I could see the container was full of water. He couldn’t, so he kept lowering me in.

    I also quickly realized the sides of the container were narrow enough that there was no way I would be able to open the doors if i slid off the forks.

    Water began to enter via the pedals and I was thinking ‘this is it’, and all for a bit of a laugh.

    Only holding up the £50k camera and screaming he was going to trash it made him pull me back out. He was laughing hard as he set me down.

    It still freaks me out.

  11. My car had faulty brake wiring and it caught on fire while I was driving.

    Pulled over grabbed, my phone and wallet, and hopped out. Fire engulfed the whole car about a second later.

    2011 Chevy impala.

  12. Two times

    My birth. Eight weeks early apparently. The professionals didn’t think I’d survive. My grandmothers doctor referred to me as the ‘miracle child’

    Had a brain haemorrhage when I was twenty. Was driving and suddenly got a pounding headache so I pulled into relax. Then, so I’m told, I went unconscious for five hours but somehow I woke up, drove home without fully realising what had just happened, and my parents took me to a+e the next day

  13. I was working in a power boiler a couple years ago doing inspections of welds on tubes being replaced. Basically the vertical walls of the boiler are made of 2″ pipes with 0.5″ of steel “membrane” between them to space them and seal between them. The replacement tube that was behind me was about 30′ tall and had the membrane attached already so it looked like a 30′ weird battle axe that was poorly attached in place with a piece of wire. The looks on the faces of the people to the right of me when the wire broke and this giant axe tube almost chopped me in half were terrifying, I didn’t see it but I heard it hit the scaffold tube behind me and felt the shock and the wind off of it. Huge safety stand down, scaffold inspection and replacement where it hit and investigation into the incident, one boilermaker tried to catch it as it fell too amd lacerated his hand. I still can’t get the look on my friends face out of my mind as he thought I was about to die.

    Also one time as a three year old kid I fucked with a rattlesnake and narrowly didn’t get bitten.

  14. Michelle Obama made me eat her hair dryer. It gave me days and days of thick checkered diarrhea. The doctors said I would’ve died if I was anywhere other than Sandals at Montego Bay.

  15. When I was 3 I tripped over my shoelace and dove into a marble table. The table shattered my nose and skull. It also fully exposed my eye, all the way past my temple. They had to remove pieces of marble from my brain. Doctors told my parents to start considering funeral arrangements. I’m now 34.

  16. I tried to outrun a car to get home faster on a crossroad. I kinda did it, just somehow jumping on the car’s hood and getting to the other side.

    Some other time I was in a forest with an olf class. I tried to make a shortcut by sliding my way down a cliff. I landed on my back quite hard from 9ft instead.

  17. One-eyed jack. I thought the guy was so far down the road that his headlights appeared as one.

    Got really lucky because for some reason I decided to pull to the side anyway, even with snow on the ground.

    Suddenly he roared past me so close and fast that my car shook!!!

  18. Slept through a house fire. Ended up with 85% burns

    Spent 14onths on hospital during which I had pneumonia three times, lung collapsed & had a cardiac arrest

  19. I ate lead paint chips back in 1977, at the age of three. I remember going to the doctor’s office because of behavior issues in school. They told me I have lead poisoning and I cried even though I don’t understand what lead poisoning was. I still do not know to this day but I’m pretty sure I almost died in 1977 when I ate many lead paint chips at the age of three years and two months. It was February. But anyway it almost killed me and I survived anyway to tell the tale even though I’ve been told that lead poisoning would impact my life. I have a job at iHop (they have me greet customers at the door and I have a small birdhouse like box in my hands for customers to give me tips. The boss says that if I do not make tips I do not get any money so I work extra hard so people put money into the birdhouse box.) And I live with my parents who are old and dying now so they don’t interrupt me much because my dad has his nose plugged into an air can or something and my mom is fat. I really do not like them. I hope they go away forever and I can make handburger helper with water instead of milk because they always say milk makes you’re bones strong but water is for plants and living, so like??? Either way, once they’re gone I’m going to do something like that if I can find the time in my schedule.

  20. I have a few but my favorites are.
    1. I fell 4 stories off scaffolding. I work for a construction company. We had a new hire that had lied about being trained in setting up scaffolding. He had not properly set up the walk boards. I was doing an inspection one morning and fell right through. I pinballed off of the scaffolding on my way down. Broke a few ribs and some hand bones.
    2. I moonlight has a pyrotechnic, shoot commercial grade fireworks. Had a malfunction with some bad product and ended up in the the hospital with 35 percent of my body burned.

  21. I was under tonsils operation for serious tonsillitis. My surgeon accidentally decapitated my head. Everybody panicked. And…….

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