Redditors who believe in the paranormal, what’s the experience you had that gave you not doubt that ghosts are real?

Redditors who believe in the paranormal, what’s the experience you had that gave you not doubt that ghosts are real?

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  1. I believe my grandfather haunts my house, keeping an eye on us all.

    I’ve had many instances where female friends would come over and randomly ask me if I believed and I’d tell them I do but ask why. Each time every one would say that they had felt a comforting hug envelop their body as if trying to assure them that everything was alright. Usually after they’ve had a rough day, or week.

    I’ve also seen things in my room move on their own, like the clothes in my closet move as if a hand had swiped from right to left as if looking through what I had hanging up.

    I’ve seen and heard things as well, almost like an apparition moving through the hallway infront of my grandmother’s room as if he’s standing guard or watching over her.

    Lots more but those are really the main things I’ve seen.

  2. I’ve told this story before but when I was a kid, I went to the fourth grade education week trip to Old Town San Diego and we toured the old cemetery. They pointed out the grave of Yankee Jim and being the obnoxious shit I was and not believing in ghosts, messed with his grave a bit and dared him to do his worst. I did not expect him to answer me.

    Well, for the next couple of weeks I only had nightmares that involved me dying or trapped somewhere like a boat or some dark room, bad luck kept following to me wherever I went, I got really sick soon afterwards, and I began hearing these loud thundering footsteps everywhere I went that nearly drove me crazy. My parents decided to check out Old Town and I jumped at the opportunity. When I got to the cemetery, I put some change on top of his tombstone, cleaning up his grave a bit, and begged for forgiveness. No one knew what I did or why I was being scared but after that, it slowly stopped. I became a hardcore believer and I’ve always left some coins or treats on his grave whenever I’m in the area, just to apologize again for what I did.

  3. I had some experiences where very strong intuitions and thoughts that I normally wouldn’t have saved me (and friend’s familie) from some sticky situations.

    I don’t believe in “ghosts” as pop culture represents them.

    I do follow a doctrine based on the fact that there’s an afterlife and the spirits interact with other that is called Spiritism.

    Also, the medium of the place that I used to go to in my home country would pretty much identify what was going on my mind and tell me very specific stuff about myself

  4. I saw a white blob things move up the stairs when i was young and i still think about it and it was weird bcuz my parents were downstairs i still think of it today lol

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