Redditors who own second hand books, what’s the weirdest thing (I.e written note, physical item, etc.) you’ve found in a used book?

Redditors who own second hand books, what’s the weirdest thing (I.e written note, physical item, etc.) you’ve found in a used book?

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  1. I worked at a goodwill for a year or so, and we got old donated books all the time, once there was written in a book, that it was owned by someone named Gertrude, so probably an older woman. Inside was a bookmark that was a “how to give a blowjob” list with steps.

  2. A novel where the previous owner had edited the entire text, crossing out words and sentences while adding his own substitutions. Not sure if he was a frustrated writer or just a bored editor, but his edits were comically bad and made me laugh out loud several times.

  3. An actual photograph, not a frontispiece, pasted in on the flyleaf of a biography of Leopold Stokowski. It showed Stokowski standing between the soprano Lily Pons and the tenor Leo Slezak.

  4. Nothing weird just yet, but just notes mostly to whomever they were originally gifted to.

    I purchased a used copy of *The Girls Who Went Away*, about adoption pre Roe vs Wade, and there’s a note:

    “Sue- you and I can learn a lot from this. I am sad that we could not be there for Nancy. Xo- S” dated 87

    Then I’ve one of those gold edge books with Mark Twain’s stories, got at a goodwill for an inside joke, and written inside is:

    “To a precious sister who has brought many hours of joy to us. May this book bring a few hours if joy to you love Butch and Pat” dated from 271982, and the cursive is all pretty like how my grandma’s is. Additionally in that book is half a keypunch card from not sure where, no other identifying marks that stand out to me, but on either side has an address, one to a gentleman named Daniel E. In hollywood, and an RDS box (no idea ?) Address in NY, if I can read it correctly. There’s also some mark twain quote cards. I’ve wanted to send a letter to the addresses to say a simple hello, but given the date I’m not sure I’d get the same people.

  5. I own a second hand communist manifesto that is full of counter arguments written at the side. I always wonder who bought the book originally just to do that.

  6. Nothing weird per say, just pretty cute looking back on it. I had this book that I got from a Half Price Books, I believe? Anyways, it was called Dragonology and it has a lot of pretty neat dragon lore. Anyway, it had a bunch of poorly drawn dragons, and little notes about the dragons being described in the book, as if the kid had seen it himself. A lot of the pictures were colored in, too, mostly near the beginning, along with some labels on different pages. Kid seemed to have a lot of fun with their little dragon book. 🙂

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