Redditors who’s job requires them to go into other people’s houses, what is the weirdest shit you’ve seen?

Redditors who’s job requires them to go into other people’s houses, what is the weirdest shit you’ve seen?

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  1. When I worked as a building inspector we saw a house that had not paid their water bills and had their service disconnected. So naturally their solution was to get a bunch of big blue storage bins from Walmart, cut a hole in one end of the lid, and shit in those. They had 5 lined up in the living room. There was also 4 dead dogs in a closet. I puked for the rest of the day. We condemned the house.

  2. I used to install Dish Network for a living.

    I was installing for an elderly lady, who complained that her “sister’s” TV always showed the same thing hers did. I had a 2 tv installation order so I figured that would be OK.

    I finished the installation and was demonstrating the system when she looked at the full length mirror and complained that her sister’s tv was still showing the same thing.

    Noped out of there as quick as I could, and left notes on the account in case she called in.

  3. Ex-geek squad. One house I went to was a retirement home. The guy had to be in his 80s? Had used condoms everywhere and womens underwear on the floor. Had the biggest porn collection I’ve ever seen. Floor to ceiling book shelf 12 feet long of just porn.

    Wanted use to set up one of those shitty 5.1 home theatres in a box things. After we were done and left he called and said there was an issue so we begrudgingly went back and it was just a ruse as he wanted to show us porn :/

  4. I wouldn’t say weirdest but thee laziest and most disgusting thing I ever had to seal with was when I worked for the housing community. We were installing all new boilers for all the houses every set of rows had a dumpster , well every resident was given a month notice that we would be entering the houses and would need access to the closets to drill holes for the pipes. We go into a woman’s apartment it’s a girl I went to school with and she tells us we can’t come in so we had to get the property manager and when we enter we get blasted with this horrible oder then we get to the closet and they are 6 ft wide 10 high and it is floor to ceiling garbage bags and dirty diapers. We had to call off the job till the place was cleaned. This girl was paying $30 a month for everything and couldn’t even walk 30 yards to the dumpster with her trash so nasty so lazy

  5. I did home hospice nursing for a few months. You’d be surprised how cluttered and dirty even homes in nice neighborhoods can be.

    I had one house I went to the patient had vomited all over the carpet hours before. The family member said they didn’t clean it up yet because they were waiting for someone to bring them carpet cleaner. So they laid a towel over the vomit pile/chunks. Mind you this carpet was matted and stained all over. It didn’t need specialty cleaner. They could have used any cleaning product they had on hand and it would have been better than waiting hours.


  6. I worked tech support for a major telecom provider and a big part of my job was dispatching technicians for on site issues. I’ve worked for enough telecom companies to know that they are all evil, profit driven, borderline cartels without a shred of decency or compassion, but I was pleasantly surprised by one thing:

    Technicians had an absolute ability to just nope the fuck out of any call at their own discretion. If the customer made them uncomfortable, made them feel unsafe, interfered with the job, refused to take instruction, didn’t clear the work area, conditions were unsafe, unsanitary… anything.

    The techs could walk off and the company wouldn’t bat an eye. A note would be left on file for that residence and the customer would get one chance to rectify the issue. If it happened again a denial of service would be issued for the address. In some very rare circumstances they were not given the second chance.

    The company even went so far as to instruct their techs that if they encounter an infestation they get right into their service vehicle, strip down, bag their gear, put on their spares and file a reimbursement claim for a full set of new gear toes to tits.

    Probably more of a liability thing than a corporate decency move, but I was surprised regardless.

  7. When my dad bought his first duplex I was involuntarily ’employed’ to help him restore the property to a livable state. We filled up 2 20 yard dumpsters which were filled past the brim, and still had to put garbage in the cans out for a few weeks. The previous tenants of both units wouldn’t take their garbage to the street, instead they would lob the garbage bags (not everything was bagged) into the garage, behind the house, and in the side yards. On the plus side I found my first porn magazine collection there in pretty good condition, as well as a crossbow.

  8. Thousands of bed bugs. Crawling all over the walls, the resident, and his motorized scooter. There’s a reason some Home Health workers take an umbrella or large brimmed hat (think classical sombrero) into the home until they can assess for such issues. For those curious, I believe the home was eventually demolished.

  9. Had a client who had two full closets of clothes, but said they had nothing to wear! I cleaned, organized their clothing in each closet, providing them with many outfits to choose
    from. They also had 3 drawers full of socks, hundreds, many of which were one of a kind in a different
    drawer. Took me hours to sort and
    match, and get rid of the ones that
    had no match! I was a CNA there
    to provide Heath services, but many
    people needed a lot more than that!

    One lady had 3 closets, many clothes no longer fit her, worked
    every time I was there to try to
    organize her things, provide her
    some outfits put together for her
    to choose from!

    Also could never get used to finding
    wads of money stuck everywhere!
    One lady had me looking for her
    social security card, which she
    thought someone from our agency
    had stolen! I found it in her safe,
    stuck in her deceased husbands
    wallet. While looking, I noticed
    a large amount of money there.
    She was wanting me to take her
    to the bank to get money! I advised
    her she had cash in her safe! She
    asked how much? I told her I didn’t
    touch it, but went back and counted
    a few hundred dollars and gave
    her her social security card! She was one of the meanest people
    I ever met. We called ourselves
    the “survivors”, as she fired people
    all the time! She lived to 103😊

  10. Once carted off 8 garbage bags filled with mostly foam take out containers from the cabinets
    of a clients kitchen, also thinned down their receipts they had to
    just the last year or two. They
    had about 10 years worth! Had
    dozens of Raid cans at their front
    door. Found out why soon! Was bitten all over my legs by fire ants!

  11. It was weird then, these days it might not be so weird. I was working for a major electronics retailer doing in-home computer repair. This was back in mid-aughts, went into a house greeted by your average looking house wife, pictures of the kids on the mantle, all that jazz, and she escorted me back to her “office”. The door had three locks and one of them was electronic, that was the first weird thing, the next weird thing is that she asked me to not ask any questions about anything I saw in the room. Everything in the room except her computer setup and camera gear was covered in sheets, but I was dating a SW at that point, and the outline of an X-Cross is very distinguishable.

    So yeah, fixed her computer, she was having driver issues and needed a new HDD installed because she was running out of space for raw unedited footage. And to this day every time I check the BDSM tag on PH I wonder if I’ll come across one of her videos.

  12. Oh God I have so many. The one that springs to mind first is the house where the firefighters already on scene pointed to the carpet and said “careful, there’s poop on the floor…but, uh…I haven’t seen evidence of pets.”

    The whole place was bad.

    Then there was the old man whose only “clean” part of the house was a small portion of his bed where he slept. Everything else was COVERED with clutter and filth. I have no idea how food was made in his kitchen or how he used his bathroom to either bathe or shit, the bathroom was similarly covered with junk and filth. There just wasn’t a clean surface anywhere. Think about the ruins of buildings you see in post-apocalyptic video games like Fallout. Think about how dirty, stained and cluttered those bathrooms and kitchens are. Then, quadruple the amount of dirt and random junk in any given room so it covers every flat surface, and you’re getting pretty close to this guy’s house.

    I took pictures and filed a report with Adult Protective Services; this guy couldn’t care for himself. It was really sad.

  13. My dads business partner bought a home on our street after the lady who lived there passed away— she didn’t have any living relatives. My dad was tasked with getting the place cleaned out and ready for contractors since we lived across the street. The woman who passed was always a nice lady and we’d often go hang out with her on her porch, where she taught my sister and I to knit. We were never invited inside and never really asked to be— at my age I didn’t really think anything of it. Anywho, my dad was REALLY excited to show us the place but kept a secret what was so “crazy” about it. We walked in to find out she was a hoarder! The entire house was filled with 6 feet tall piles of junk, save for the walking paths thru each room which were actually quite neat and the bathroom which only had a pile as tall as the toilet seat. What was strange is that it didn’t even smell much at all! I’d seen hoarding tv shows and they always noted the horrible stench. It definitely didn’t smell good but all the junk was basically brand new things still wrapped up in their packaging or their store bags. It seemed she just had a shopping addiction but was still a neat lady?

  14. A confident early teen girl with no body issues or wearing clothing. I was freaked out and didn’t want to look. Was she still there? Yep, still there. She was standing on upper floor about 10 feet away so there was nothing obscured. Longest minutes of my life.

  15. Worked pest control in the 80s. We were sent to some rentals one day. Basically single story one or two bedroom duplexes. One lady had 3 large Great Danes that she didn’t clean up after. Piles of crap every few feet throughout the house. This job was in the southeast US during the summer and required work on both the inside and outside of the house and being the new guy, I always got stuck doing the outside. Took one step inside smelled the stench did an about face and was happy to be on outside duty.

  16. where to start.. painted for a living for a number of years in Minneapolis.. saw everything from hoarders worse than the tv show, straight up chicken bones behind the tv (and everywhere else), someone trying to stab someone else over $20 – I narrowly missed getting poked myself, banged a lady in an apartment building after drinking vodka with her while we were doing the hallways, found dildos and coke in a dorm room after students moved out, cockroaches, bed bugs. Pretty happy I don’t do that for a living anymore

  17. Working as locksmith, get call to rekey house. Talk to client before I show up, she seems like a completely normal lady. I show up, we talk for a moment outside, completely normal house from all looks, she’s an RN, 0 warning signs. She goes to open the door and let me in and starts acting sheepish, she starts apologizing and says something like excuse the mess. The door can’t open all the way, there’s 3-4 FEET of trash everywhere. Not hording boxes or collecting weird stuff but just garbage, rotting stuff, piss, shit, piles of it. There’s a 9inch wide walkway through the garbage that’s 6inch deep of compressed garbage, togo boxes, fast food bags, magazines, you name it. She goes in walks through to the living room sits down on a couch that cant be seen, garbage everywhere, a cat appears out of nowhere and sits on her lap lovingly. She seems for all practical purposes like a completely normal functioning adult. I looked it up it’s some weird form of the hording condition but just rotting waste. She seemed so normal. I did the job and left, felt bad for her. still kinda freaks me out like there’s no way you’re guessing this nice nurse lady is actually a garbage troll.

  18. Delivery driver here, early on in the Job I delivered to a guy who I realised was a drug dealer… the bags of cocain all over the kitchen counter gave that away.

  19. I was in a private home once working on a copier (doesn’t happen very often) and was led thru the art studio area where there were drawings of young naked girls all over the wall (maybe 9-12 years old).

  20. Not weird but really really sad. Had to go check an apartment because we’d had a tip that there could be moisture damage. The apartment belonged to a retired older man and apparently when he had a nurse visit him at home, they had made the report to building maintenance. When we got to the bathroom, me and my partner saw something that haunts me to this day. The ceiling was black. The walls were black. Everything was covered in a solid black wall of mold. The man living there had no sense of what it was or what it meant. That mold had to have been growing for quite a while, and I have no idea how long he had lived there breathing it in, without no one even coming to visit to see and report it. I have no idea what happened to the apartment or the resident but I’m sure the bathroom had to be fully made anew and I’m hoping the man is living somewhere safer.

  21. Older women that are home alone love young repair guys. Some were pretty bold about it, like not wearing any panties and sitting in a way where their bathrobe just happened to lay in a way to not cover anything that should be covered if her husband was home.

  22. Went into a woman’s house that had a lifesize replica/mannequin of herself mutilated & murdered.

    Turns out, she’s a semi-pro actress. She’s been an extra in a dozen or so motion pictures. One of which was a B level hack film. The special effects crew made a latex replica of her for a couple scenes in the movie & let her keep it afterwards.

    It was very real looking. From a foot away, you’d think it was a real mutilated corpse. Creepy, but I can’t blame her for wanting to keep it.

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