Redditors WITHOUT tattoos: what tattoo would you get tattooed if you were to get tattooed?

Redditors WITHOUT tattoos: what tattoo would you get tattooed if you were to get tattooed?

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  1. I’ve been wishing to get “she saved me” in Russian on my arm.

    In memory of the day that pulled me from the darkest period of my life, the day my sister was born.

  2. I thought about this a lot when I was between 16 and 18. I had some ideas, but I came to the conclusion that there’s nothing I could come up with that I’d know _for sure_ I’d still want there when I’m in my 30s or 40s.

    And you know what? I was right.

  3. I would get a tattoo of a triangle on my dick. Then I would convince my two best friends to do the same. That way when we put our pp’s together, it would create the Triforce.

  4. I’ve never been opposed to the idea of getting a tattoo, but I can never think of anything that I’d want on me permanently. I’m always worried if I get something it’ll end up being a bad reminder of something I don’t want in 10 years, or I’ll look at it in 20 years and wish I didn’t have it. If I ever thought of something I was confident I’d always be happy to have on me, I’d be willing to get one though.

  5. Two thin black bands on my right wrist, with space in-between to but stuff I like in there, like logos from games or specific dates.

    If it gets filled up, that’s it. I’ve always somewhat liked the idea if tattoos, but I really don’t like covering my whole body with them.

  6. a pauldron reminiscient of Ed Elrich’s automail arm from FMA. I told myself I’d get it when i was fit enough to rock it. 10 years later i still dont have it.

  7. I have a few ideas, I would like a full sleeve of stuff related to some of my favorite Metal bands such as like their mascots, or something off my favorite albums by them. I would also like another sleeve related to my favorite comic book characters. And I would like to get Mjolnir on my forearm as well as a Viking standing in front of a longship on my back.

  8. Not old enough for a tattoo but when I am I want to get Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Piglet was a nickname my Mum had for me and she used to read me those stories every night

    I lost her last year to covid after cancer treatment weakened her immune system, would be a nice reminder of her I think

  9. I’m too fickle to make that kind of permanent commitment too my body.

    The ideas I had 10 years ago would be so cringy today. And whatever I would want today would make me cringe in 10 years.

  10. “What is real will prosper. What you feel in the night, what you feel in the morning, what you feel midday, that you don’t think other people have the same thoughts, you feel alone in this thought, but other people have these same thoughts and it breathes a certain amount of comfort within people…”

    A great piece of mind from XXXTENTACION, one that I greatly identify with. There’s unity and positivity that can stem from sharing thoughts and emotions with one another, and sometimes it feels like a weight lifted off the shoulders when someone else understands.

  11. Probably either a deer skull(a reference to the character in the first story i wrote),a hummingbird (because they’re my dad’s favorite animal), or an African painted wolf(one of my favorite animals)

  12. Anchor. But first I have to do a transatlantic crossing by ship.

    Swallow/sparrow. But first, I have to sail 5k nautical miles.

    Ship under full sail. But first, I have to round the horn. I’d prefer to do that West to East, rather than the hard way.

  13. It would have to be something with profound meaning to me, or else I would never get it.

    If I were to get one, it would likely be a semi-colon tattoo to represent the major depressive episode I survived two years ago.

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