Repair Men of reddit, how often are you offered sex on the job? Cable men, maintenance men, plumbers and etc?

Repair Men of reddit, how often are you offered sex on the job? Cable men, maintenance men, plumbers and etc?

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  1. I was a handyman for about 9 years. Never once was offered sex. I was however very popular among middle age divorcee women that lived alone. I pointed this out to one of my long term regulars, a middle age divorcee woman, and she smiled and said reliable trustworthy men that are willing to help are hard to find and women don’t want to let just anybody into their house. Then she told me that half of my regular clients were friends with each other and they were all very secretive about me. They would pass my number around but argue if one of them monopolized my time too much. I took it as a better compliment then sex advances and I think its the only reason my handyman business survived so long.

  2. Pest Control here. I’ve had some heavy flirters and 1 offer. Politely declined. Not only is it not worth losing my job over, but it would be too easy for her to claim it wasn’t consensual and I’m not looking to get into that mess….

    Oh, And also I’m taken.

    Being about a 4 on the looks scale normally, a 3 in uniform, flirtation is only about once every 2 months or so, but I do go into a lot of apartments with a single woman or the like, so being attractive may get you more.

  3. I was a poolman when I was younger, closest I got was seeing a couple of senior citizens banging in the hot tub. I cleaned it after. I’m not a poolman anymore.

  4. A few times but nope. Not worth losing my job, or being accused of rape, or losing my wife and kids. I was a rather handsome young man but I’d learned early to keep my shit in my pants in most situations. Growing up a low class ghetto boy learned me a lot tam bout?

  5. I’m a flooring guy. I go to different houses every day.

    Not once. Ever.

    In fact, I’ve had people more people give me a $500 tip for a 2 day job than I’ve been offered sex.

    Maybe one day…

  6. To be honest when I used to be a residential technician I got super flirty customers here and there but I wasn’t like all the time or frequent for that matter and I’m not bad looking either. However, the amount of times a mother or grandmother tries to hook me up (like go on a date with) with their daughter or grand daughter was ridiculous. Always declined. For one, it just seemed awkward to say yes even if they were really cute. And two, not worth losing my job over any of it either even though its almost through proxy and would be off work hours the company would probably look down at that if they knew. I knew a few guys who would regularly hook up with some customers (and provided proof as well as they seemed like the type to do that).

  7. I was a mover. I moved hundreds and hundreds of people and never actually tried to get anything from them and I got two very legitimate offers over about 2 years, maybe more if I was aggressive. Usually, I just wanted to go home.

  8. My Career started well As a barman in which you do get your fair share or more. Then i worked as a Fitness instructor and i got and gladly Accepted a couple of offers from female members. Havent had a sniff in Work in years though..

  9. Handyman here (27m). I was never offered sex but alot of middle aged women would always be flirty and touchy with me, there were a few times where they would walk by me while working with just a bathrobe with no clothing underneath. I never incaged though

  10. I had an interesting convo with a Spectrum guy the other day laying out a few different situations he’s been offered sex(and happily obliged). Made me wonder how much this really happens or if it was just his shtick to try and get me into bed lol

  11. Not a repair man, but I’ve had offers from both genders while working the coatroom at a function hall. It’s the end of the night, the place is closing, but plenty of drunk and horny guests have asked me where the nearest hotel was and if I want to join them.

    I’d list the place, but joke that my wife would kill me.

  12. Former cable guy. I’ve never been offered sex, but I’ve seen my fair share of nudity on the job. One time I knocked on a door of an apt and I could hear the two going at it. I was there to pick up a cable box. The guy came to the door and what I saw and smelled was absolutely awful. I went outside and puked from the smell. (Imagine dumpster outside of a butcher shop)
    Another time I knocked on a door of an apartment and could hear the shower running. I waited until the shower turned off and knocked again. The young lady opened the door in her towel and was holding it together with her hand. When she pointed to the living room, she used the hand that was holding the towel up and it fell down, showing her naked body. Embarrassed, she ran to her room to get dressed. I installed the cable box and modem and when I was done she was apologizing to me. I told her not to be embarrassed as she was stunning and made my day. She thanked me for not making her feel more awkward.

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