Republicans, what are some possible solutions for preventing mass shootings?

Republicans, what are some possible solutions for preventing mass shootings?

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  1. I generally lean left, but I think ultimately both parties have it wrong. In my opinion, the first thing to do is make getting a firearm like getting a car. Show a valid firearm license and you can purcahse one. The real kicker is getting the license. If you want the license, the first time you get it you have to take safety courses, like the NRA Basic courses. Your class of license is determined by what courses you took and it says what firearms you can buy. After the courses and any time you want to renew your license you have to pass a written test and a range test, both showing a working knowledge of firearm safety and the latter demonstrating a capability to act on that knowledge.

    The licensure will do a few things: those who are unwilling to learn how to safely handle a firearm, while still able to, will be deterred from purchasing a firearm, and those who choose to go through the training will be exposed to appropriate behaviors and will be required to learn them.

    I figure the only way to make sure this works is to also have firearm seller licenses with firearm seller license holders present at all firearm sales or hand changes.

    This is on top of existing laws, of course. For instance, if an individual demonstrates to a salesman an indication that they are unfit to own a firearm, the salesman cannot complete the sale regardless of theirlicensure. Admittedly, I may have misinterpreted something my firearm salesman friend told me, but ultimately, my point stands: existing firearm laws are not wholesale replaced, only the bits that conflict with this.

    I know this isn’t perfect, but I think it is a nice first step.

  2. Mass shooters will be brought to the public square and placed in a clear square box. They will be given enough water to live. We will fill the box with rats, at first the shooter will have to live off them and eat them, we will add more, soon it will overwhelm him and he will be slowly eaten alive by rats for all to watch. Bet you will think twice before killing people after that.

  3. I think you need to break up mass shootings into two necessary buckets: gang violence (which is like 96% of all mass shootings), then the other 4% is what people typically think of a mass shooting– where someone is shooting unarmed civilians.

    The first group stems from poverty, a lack of law enforcement intervention/or enforcing existing laws, and meaningfully life opportunities. Fixing gang violence is insanely complex.. but in the end it comes down to changing the neighborhood and the socioeconomic dynamics of the neighborhood, and actually policing and prosecuting people participating in the gang violence.

    The other 4%, people need to be able to defend themselves. All of these shootings are in gun free zones where the shooter knows they are basically shooting fish in a barrel. To fix that, you need to either allow the “fish” to protect themselves, give the fish protection (like arming teachers), or make a system where the shooter doesn’t have access to the unarmed civilians.

    Finally, if you want to legislate something, make it criminal for the media to idolize mass shooters. If you stop imortalizing mass shooters through weeks of non-stop media attention where the shooter’s face, life story, and every motive and thought they had is plastered on the national news 24/7, you stop incentivizing the action of committing the shooting in the first place.

  4. There are lots of things that could be done, and lots of things I think should be done, but the problem is I don’t trust the government to do it right.

  5. Make crime a crime again and notice shooters always go insane where they are unlikely to be shot back at.

    Notice at the congressional baseball game a few years back that someone shot back and it saved lives.

  6. The number one action should be to stop praising, ranking, and glorifying the shooters. We know there’s an element of contagion theory which drastically increases these events. Second, encourage stable families. There’s a strong cultural element to this which government can’t necessarily help, but they could eliminate marriage penalties and other policies which discourage or punish marriage. Third should be treating violent and other predicate crimes more seriously. We have to be careful not to overreact and over punish, but many of these cases have severe warning signs such as maiming animals, violently attacking family members, or bringing weapons to school with the intent to use them on previous dates.

    The bottom line is the same firearms have been available to civilians since roughly 1900. If anything, the options have become more limited. During that time we’ve seen violent crime go up and down despite whatever laws were in effect at the time. Mass shootings in particular only increased with the rise of nationwide and 24/7 news in the last forty years. Before that they were even more rare.

  7. Listen, do you actually want to know or do you just want to be able to shout like a Howler Monkey that Republicans have no plan? One will get you an actual answer and the other will just continue confirming how shallow and petty left wingers can be. Now that’s out of the way.


    There is no simple and easy plan. When someone says “just do what [insert European nation] does!” they forget that these were compromises that took decades and fit for *their own* circumstances. Trying to shoehorn their legislation in to our society is like trying to enforce Azerbaijan’s fishing laws in Iceland. It makes no sense and doesn’t fit the needs or wants of the society there. Saying that, there won’t be any short term solutions that fit either. The only solution that fits **our needs and wants** is long term. That, simply put, is education.


    What is the difference between a child or teenager with a firearm and a hunter or member of a profession that uses firearms? Experience. The former knows of them through movies and pop culture. The latter has learned to respect the result of a thousand years of technological progress. To know not that gun goes boom, but that a weight of iron and carbon alloys is propelled by the ignition of a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur to incredible speeds. To know a thing is to respect it. Not to think you know it but to really now how it works, why it exists, and it’s uses both intended and not. A firearm need not be some mysterious thing that gives a person power in their mind because they have something that is restricted and dangerous. We don’t need to mystify a piece of technology and give it undue power by hiding it under a veil of fear.


    So to sum up what do I propose? Remove the fear of firearms and replace it with knowledge instead. I’ve done it with my friends who fear flying. I bring them up in aircraft or ride with them on an airline flight and explain every noise and bump. Again, knowing a thing makes you respect it. Technically I could steal an aircraft and use it to create the most damage I could if I wanted to, and no FBI it’s just a metaphor, but I respect the technology too much to even consider it. When knowledge is part of you it becomes not only something you could use but it becomes a portion of what makes up you. Don’t fear firearms, respect them with knowledge.

  8. I’m not a republican, but I’ve noticed some trends in all these posts and comments:

    1. Ban guns and confiscate the ones out there unless you can prove your livelihood depends on having one. This really is the only way to prevents mass shootings and gun violence in general.
    2. Even though #1 is never going to happen anytime soon and would takes years to fully enact, far left people will shit on any other option to try to save lives since it’s not option #1.

  9. For one banning guns is just stupid because it’s the people. Not the guns. Guns don’t just fire themselves. Better security should be at schools, stores, etc. if someone is in school grounds that doesn’t go to that school they should be searched to be sure they have no harmful items. Getting a gun would be more just getting a license, not only should you get a license you should have to show it to people. And someone with a license could still cause a mass shooting. To prevent that there could be different things. A small scam that can detect bullets. Even if it’s high tech we already have airport security and stuff. This could prevent multiple mass shootings if the person could be stopped at the door.

  10. Strengthening of the civilian militia in a volunteer fire sort of way and empowering concealed carry holders to respond to terrorist incidents.

    We have plenty of guns; the issue is a lack of communication resources and de-confliction training so they can be an asset rather than a liability in stopping the threat.

  11. Mass shootings or gun violence in general? Because they’re two separate issues. Mass shootings are a mental health issue so I’d start with that. Gun violence in general is more of a societal one involving poverty, lack of education, and broken households.

    Edit: Holy shit these comments 😂

  12. The big issue with a question like this is that gun control advocates will always claim there would have been zero deaths had you enacted their gun control plan. So, if an armed citizen or school cop or whatever stops a mass shooter after he kills two instead of 20, the gun control advocates all say “guess your plan didn’t work” because they believe their plan would have resulted in 0 deaths. It’s rare anyone presses democrats on their solutions (like ar’s at 21 not 18. would this person have failed a background check, what specific video would you have used to red flag this shooter, etc), then runs the numbers on how well those would have worked.

    That being said, to keep things out of the government’s hands I’d like to see gun shops do stuff like band together and decide (with no legal push) not to sell ar’s to young people. Not sure if that would be legal, though (refusing service to certain people is legally tricky). Also, take a real long look at the pills we’re giving these young boys (yes, I know mental health advocates would hate that). Maybe even have another look at the marijuana psychosis connection.

  13. Teach your children well, thou shalt not kill. It’s a basic commandment. Not hard to teach, say it after me, you should not kill other people. See

  14. A better question would be “Republicans, please let us know the exact number of deaths of children and innocent people are acceptable so you can have your freedom to play with your guns?”

  15. Make more babies and force sexually assaulted little girls to give birth apparently – I guess they figure more victims out there they can use as human shields

  16. We would need to address mental health. No one who commits mass shootings is mentally sane/ok.

    Convicts should not be allowed to have guns.

    I believe you should have to go through a gun safety course before you can purchase a weapon. Maybe receive a license that you have to show after passing the safety course. The only problem with that I find is there are more guns than people in America and guns will be passed down through the family. But overall, I think everyone should go through a gun safety course not only for their own protection but for others as well.

    What I believe won’t work is banning guns. Theoretically, let’s say the government bans all pistols for example. And the government decides that they must all be turned in by a set date. All of the law-abiding citizens will hand over their pistols while the ones who are not law-abiding will hide them. Since it’s only non-law-abiding citizens who are doing mass shootings. The ones who do the mass shootings will keep their pistols and hide them because they are criminals. Thus, all that will happen is there will be an increase in the number of deaths in every mass shooting since the chance of someone carrying a gun will be far less to stop them. (Why do most mass shootings happen in gun-free zones? Because the one who is going to commit such an atrocity believes no one is going to be able to stop them from killing a bunch of people)

  17. I genuinely think that allowing teachers and staff to be armed would reduce the risk of school shootings. If it was well known that a school had multiple armed defenders whose identities were unknown, a spree killer might look for a softer target.

    I don’t want to arm the teachers, I want the State to get out of the way of them arming themselves. I know several who would if they could. I’ve asked the local board of education to allow this (and was rejected).

    I have a young daughter, and I would trust her teacher with minimal training if there was a spree killer entering her classroom. The chance of a teacher accidentally shooting a student is miniscule compared to the danger of a killer targeting children.

  18. Nothing. Everything is perfect. Guns kill the poors – preferably the drug-addled ones. That’s why we banned abortions so that poors can produce more poor babies, to whom our prayer-houses will provide “free” food, clothing and shelter… to raise the next generation of under-educated, religiously-indoctrinated slave laborers who will continue to vote for us.


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