Rich people of Reddit, what’s the craziest/most unethical thing you’ve seen people in your circle spend money on?

Rich people of Reddit, what’s the craziest/most unethical thing you’ve seen people in your circle spend money on?

What do you think?


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  1. I know a guy who went to get a new drivers license and had to pay ~$100k in back parking tickets, then joked about it after.

    Apparently he couldn’t get a permit to park in front of his house, so he just did anyway, and accepted like a $200 fine everyday.

  2. My biological father investing in those get rich quick health scams. Literally spent thousands of dollars on bottles of fucking fruit juice, only for him to drink all of his product and not make back a dime. Not that he’d make any money off of it anyway, they can get organic juice at the store for far fucking less

  3. My friend is a drug user but he also comes from a very rich family. He bought something he takes. Enough for him and other person while we were supposed just go out for lunch. We went to a shady part of our city. We came up to someone. He said that he’ll give them [drug name] if they masturbate with a broken beer bottle while their kid watches. They did it. And he felt so proud of himself and thought he impressed me

  4. We’ve got a handful of rich friends- some long-time friends who found some success and friends of those friends. They’re cool to hang out with- definitely on another level.

    If I’m being honest, they’re never really the ones who do unethical/wild stuff with their money. They have houses, they take trips, they have nice cars- they’re our rich friends because they make smart decisions with their money. I think they know they’re our rich friends and I think they’d like to keep on being our rich friends instead of our friends who had money for a few years and blew it on stupid shit.

    It’s the people who are trying to be perceived as rich that get into trouble. It’s the guy trying to impress the rich crowd who drops $2k (2k he doesn’t have) on nice bottles they nobody asked for. I’ve seen a few people make moves like that who are met with reactions like, “What the fuck are you doing. We know you can’t afford that. You aren’t impressing us, you’re being reckless and it’s troublesome.”

  5. Virgin Unicorn blood infusions under the 3rd full moon of the year. I mean, I like the whole ceremony and stuff, but have you ever heard the sound of a dying unicorn? It’s unholy! It haunts my thoughts and dreams.

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