“Rolling Coal” is dangerous and stupid. How do you protect or react when this happens?

“Rolling Coal” is dangerous and stupid. How do you protect or react when this happens?

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  1. I mean, if it’s legal to blind drivers with black smoke while driving, can I just light a smoke grenade that’s wrapped in double sided sticky tape and toss it at the offenders windshield?

  2. I drive 20 hours a week and I’m addicted to letting truckers merge. A coal roller with a moustache saw me wearing a mask in my car and blasted his exhaust pipe right in my window, then swerved in front of me, causing me to slam the brakes. Trucker bro I just let merge sees this and swerves into the guy’s lane running him off the road into a traffic barrier. I was horrified, but you get what you deserve

  3. I had no idea what rolling coal even was until a few moments ago, and while I’m not shocked, I’m still massively disappointed.

    Sometimes I really do wonder if we actually do need to target certain specific people and groups and straight up kill them. It sounds brutal and harsh, and it is, but this is a trolley problem where certain people are prioritizing their personal freedoms above the future of the entire human race.

    I probably wouldn’t target these coal roller people first though… its those big ass international ocean freight ships that are the biggest polluters.

  4. The only thing you can do is roll up your window & hit the air-recirculation button in your car to shut off air intake from the outside.
    You can already assume they have tiny dicks and are total losers in every aspect of their life. They’ll get their deserved karma.

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