Serial killers of reddit: what’s something movies/tv shows get wrong about you ?

Serial killers of reddit: what’s something movies/tv shows get wrong about you ?

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  1. Not a serial killer answer but I used to have a regular at my bar who had been in combat and had seen some stuff.

    He was drunk and there was a movie on with a guy going up behind another guy, clamping a hand over his mouth and slashing his throat ear to ear.

    He scoffed at this, says that you don’t cover the mouth because the guy will bite you every time and you don’t slash the throat, you stab in the lower back or if you knife the throat you stab in the back of it and punch out.

    He just kinda said it so casually.

  2. Fruit loops aren’t separately flavoured by colour… it’s all the same flavour, and any difference is purely psychological.

    … Oh *Serial* killers.

  3. I just watch a lot of documentaries and interrogations, but the biggest difference I can see is that most serial killers are not intelligent or cunning. That’s a minority, like Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader and John Wayne Gacy. Most are just messed up in the head and get lucky. Pee Wee Gaskins, David Berkowitz, Ed Gein, Fred West, Albert Fish, Albert DeSalvo, Charles Starkweather, Richard Ramirez, Andrei Chikatilo, Gary Ridgway… these were not intelligent men.

  4. Bruh, imagine if years from now, a documentary is made about the Redditor who openly admitted his crimes, but was not taken seriously. Hopefully the producers give OP credit for making this thread

  5. We don’t have a “hooker freezer” or “enjoyment basement”.

    Oh shit … did I just do a woopsie-oopsie? I see it too, forgot the a. My bad.

  6. My dad was a cereal killer. He just freaking owned it at breakfast time. He could do two large bowls of Rice Krispies in 5 minutes everyday.

  7. If done right ( never leave a witness), you’ll never get caught( don’t taunt or talk to police.

    Not all serial killers are crazy. Just like killing.

  8. I can’t speak for all serial killers obviously, and that holds especially true since I don’t really follow the horror or true crime genres of media, but I can give my opinion on it as it relates to myself for what type of serial killer I suspect the media would attempt to classify me as.

    While I believe I’d fall under the more intelligent and calculated of serial killers, I’ve noticed that media likes to portray them as rich, clean, and highly charismatic. I am none of these. While thoughtful and studious, I experience critical depression and a disinterest in socialization.

    I do not feign my compassion for others. It is real, and I’ve suffered it dearly for my thrills. Though when arousal comes about me, my longing for dominance and control easily shadows it, and I’ve got quite a drive to satisfy.

    I’m not an opportunistic killer. The victim that is easier to get away with always comes first. If I don’t like the victim options that my criteria have presented to me, then I re-roll the die in a different area. A lot of planning and preparation goes into this. Maybe not more than you would believe for a determined individual willing to spare all time, research, craftiness, and expense to such a hobby that could easily lead to the forfeiture of their life for one small misstep, but definitely more than you will

    I am sexually motivated. I’m a kidnapper. I’m much more focused on causing mental pain than physical. When I’ve taken all that there is to take, when there’s no more responsiveness to my abuses, I begin to get bored. The build-up is part of the thrill for me. I like hanging. There’s something so much more devastating about it that makes my stomach twist in knots. There’s no pain to distract them from their predicament. There is only fear. It’s that despair I share with them that excites me. I have them strip down naked and bind them first. It’s a sorrow for them to leave behind such beautiful bodies as such beautiful, tattered souls are separated from them. Then I begin to imagine what a beautiful life she would have lived if I hadn’t taken it from her. The question remaining is, was she more fortunate to have been born with such incredible beauty about her, out of all the creatures of the planet she could have manifested as, or was she less fortunate to have that stolen from her at what should have been the prime of her existence? Without occupancy, her corpse is well and truly, mine. And I do make use of.

    That’s not a misconception. I just wanted to share while I’d gone through the effort to ensure my anonymity.

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