[Serious] Americans, how do feel knowing that the police have no legal obligation to protect nor serve the public?

[Serious] Americans, how do feel knowing that the police have no legal obligation to protect nor serve the public?

What do you think?

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  1. Quote from an article on this subject:
    >In 2005, Jessica Gonzales sued Castle Rock, Colorado police for failing to arrest her husband, who had violated a protective order, resulting in the murder of her three children. Her case went to the U.S. Supreme Court in The Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, where she lost because even though the order required arresting her husband upon violation, then-Justice Antonin Scalia successfully argued that “a well-established tradition of police discretion has long coexisted with apparently mandatory arrest statutes.”

    >This case builds upon Supreme Court precedent in Deshaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services (1989). In that case, a young boy was repeatedly abused at the hands of his father, something that county Social Services was aware of, but made no effort to remove the child. His mother sued once the four-year old entered a vegetative state, and the Court ruled that that the state did not have a special obligation to protect a citizen against harms it did not create.

  2. Our current police force and system in America is a massive waste of tax payer dollars for the most part.

    Where’s all my conservatives that usually always complain about wasted tax dollars on this?

  3. It’s not new, it’s been obvious for a long time that they only exist to violently protect the property and interests of the wealthy and powerful, and commit perjury whenever it supports the state’s case.

  4. Known for decades now that the police are not there to protect any one person, just society as a whole. Look at *Heller v. DC* where a woman was raped after she called the cops, her gun was disassembled as per DC law leaving her unable to defend herself, and the cops showed up hours later after she had died. I could be wrong on a few details as the case was back in the 90s, but the gist was “protect yourself.”

    Thing is while there are a few suspicious things about this shooting ($5k kit on a Wendy’s income, cops keeping armed parents out while listening to the shots) even Texas has all the laws people scream about because they are federal laws. Background checks are a thing, the FBI signed off on the kid buying the gun. It is already illegal to even hand a gun to the mentally ill let alone sell one.

    The police exist to enforce the law, not protect you. They protect and serve the community, not you. Texas showed police failing to protect and serve the community.

    If anything this shows why people should be armed, trained, and ready to defend themselves.

  5. Ok that is fucked up, to be sure. However, *without* cops what’s to keep would be killers and thieves from running rampant?

    For the vast majority of people, the only reason they *don’t* commit crimes is because they don’t want to be thrown in a box with metal bars worrying about their *butthole* everyday.

  6. I’ve never been under the delusion that they are there to protect me. Even in other countries you’re crazy If you think they’re magically going to help you when you’re in danger RIGHT NOW.

  7. It isn’t new information.

    I don’t trust the police at all at this point. If someone is endorsed by the police union, I automatically vote against them.

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