Serious coffee drinkers, what’s some simple things people can do to have a better cup of coffee?

Serious coffee drinkers, what’s some simple things people can do to have a better cup of coffee?

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  1. Buy whole bean coffee and grind it just before you make it. Grinding coffee in large batches ahead of time (or buying it pre-ground) is convenient but it sacrifices flavor and freshness.

  2. Put some scoops of coffee in your filter, then a tad of cocoa/cocao on top, followed by the rest of your coffee scoops. 👌

    Don’t let the cocao contact the filter because it’s quick to clog it.

  3. – Grind your own beans *to the correct size*

    – Use a pourover

    – Use a kettle with a thermometer, and brew at a consistent optimal temperature

    – Play around with your ratios of water to coffee by weight

    – Consider not instinctively putting as much sugar/syrup/cream/milk in your coffee

  4. Roasting your own beans is work but when done right, it’s so fresh and delicious. I also invested in a higher end machine by DeLonghi and that was a major quality of life improvement. It’s a workhorse and not fussy in the least.

  5. Buy smaller bags of fresher beans, more frequently. Oxidation is your enemy, and big bags that are opened and closed many times over long time periods yield stale beans.

  6. OP, I upvoted your thread, but the people over at r/coffee are nice and they even have a whole Wiki dedicated to just this question. You might check it out, if you have time!

  7. Buy whole bean. Only grind it when you make it. Also Mayorga and Don Pablo/Subtle Earth are my favorite brands by far. You can buy them online easily, Amazon carries them. I did put a filter on my sink, so I dunno if that helps, it probably does since I drastically taste the different when I just drink water.

  8. Put salt in with the coffee when you brew it. It chemically reacts and doesn’t taste salty, it makes it smoother and less bitter. Don’t believe me, try it.

  9. Moka pot. $30. It’s like an espresso instant pot, best coffee I’ve had in quite some time. I mean, I’m not sure if it’s espresso or strong coffee, but I go the Americano method, and add some hot water to taste.

  10. Ditch your coffee maker. Use either a pour over, or a French press. Eventually there is going to be all sorts of crap build up in your coffee maker, it will affect the flavor.

    Clean your grinder, and your apparatus meticulously. You do not want anything altering the flavor.

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