[Serious] do you talk out loud/talk to yourself when you are alone? or is it just silence?

[Serious] do you talk out loud/talk to yourself when you are alone? or is it just silence?

What do you think?

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  1. Yes. Sometimes I forget I’m not alone in the house and my girl will look at me like I’m crazy and I have to explain that’s just how I think when I’m alonr

  2. I do it all the time, mostly when I’m at work. It’s not a full fledge conversation but I’m practically alone 8 hours every day and it helps to have something fill the silence.

  3. I live by myself and I talk out loud quite frequently. I even have different characters who speak different dialects or have different voices (I use them in different situations). Since I’m completely fluent in two languages, I also talk to myself in different languages (some of those characters speak one language and the others speak the other). If someone saw me they’d probably think I’ve lost my last marble but I promise I’m totally sane lol.

  4. Mostly silence. Sometimes I won’t realize how long I’ve gone without talking and will get startled by the sound of my voice when I answer the phone.

  5. Absolutely.

    I do it in two ways-

    One is a product of working remote for awhile & now I do it in office. Just started a running commentary on shit I was doing.

    Second is I have a dog – so I talk to him all the time.

  6. I talk out loud. I try to restrict it to when I’m alone and when I do accidentally murmur something I was think about I get immediately embarrassed

  7. I don’t have an internal monologue. So I verbalize most of my thoughts. I try to only do it when I’m alone, so I don’t appear to be having conversations with myself, but it happens. I call it thinking out loud instead of talking to myself.

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