[Serious] Do you think that the Supreme Court justices who stated under oath at their confirmation hearings that they would uphold Roe v Wade as a precedent should be impeached for lying under oath and what’s the reasoning behind your answer?

[Serious] Do you think that the Supreme Court justices who stated under oath at their confirmation hearings that they would uphold Roe v Wade as a precedent should be impeached for lying under oath and what’s the reasoning behind your answer?

What do you think?

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  1. I think you will find that none of them actually said they would uphold RvW. They were very, very careful not to say so. What they said were things like: “Roe v. Wade is settled law,” which certainly allows a listener to *infer* that they would not overturn the ruling, but *does not explicitly say so.*

  2. Does it even matter? They deflected the answer in the hearings, and everyone knew where they stood.

    Would any of the senators changed their mind? This was the prize they were promising their constituents.

    You need a majority to confirm a justice, and a supermajority to remove one.

    The democrats can barely hold the chamber at times, and have no path to 60 with their current coalition and rhetoric.

  3. I want to go back and read exactly what the Supreme Court nominees said, but I don’t think any of them said specifically they would uphold Roe v Wade. I think they said it’s established precedent, which it was. It didn’t mean they wouldn’t overturn it, anyway. (EDITED to clarify that last sentence)

  4. Democrats can start the impeachment process at any time, but they won’t.

    Just like they could of codified Roe vs Wade into law extremely easily during president Obama’s first term. In fact [they promised to do just that](https://www.newsweek.com/barack-obama-blasted-not-codifying-roe-v-wade-democrat-failure-1719156?amp=1) but they didn’t do it.

    The mid terms are near, the Trump Administration was a disgrace, but so far Democratic leadership has been disappointing. This is just political positioning.

  5. I think it sets a dangerous precedence that you can’t change your mind after years and new evidence/considerations. Now to be clear I am very very pro abortion and think reproductive rights are fundamental human rights, but R v W ‘s constitutionality is kinda shakey. It’s based on a right to privacy which you really gotta make a stretch to connect. The better move is to codify reproductive rights in the constitution. That will be a very rough amendment to pass but that is the right way to do it. There are a lot of things that are tied into the 14th amendment’s right to privacy is used to justify which it probably shouldn’t and those things should be explicit in the consitution.

  6. While I disagree with the decision to overturn Roe v Wade, I don’t believe they lied during their confirmation hearings. They were definitely dishonest in their minds, but there was no actual lie that could be seen as “lying under oath”.

    This is a double-edged sword. If we impeach these judges for lying under oath because they did something they implied they weren’t going to do, that will set a precedent for impeaching people in power. The people on the other side of the aisle could also use that to their advantage.

  7. *Can* and *Should* are two very different things. Every one of the bastards crafted their answers/statements very, very carefully before they even sat down to be interviewed. You can take it to the bank that they consulted most closely with their lawyers when crafting their Roe V Wade response.

    Then stack on top the difficulty of impeaching any elected/appointed official (like an abusive dog catcher) in this country, add the controversy of sacking a sacred SCOTUS Judge, and top off with the volatile shit show of everyone’s abortion feels.

    Keep in mind that the top cop who ordered his men to stand around for 77 minutes in the hallway while children were being slaughtered just feet away was still at his job for weeks, still has not faced a single consequence, and (we all know this) not only probably never will, but will end up making a fuckton of cash when he publishes his ‘my side of the story’ book.

    For myself, I simply don’t have room to store the amount of popcorn and wine required to ride out a shitstorm of this magnitude.

  8. I think they covered their bases when choosing their words on Roe in their confirmation hearings. Most folks could see through whatever question-dodging they used to make sure they didn’t face legal consequences for reversing the decision, but they made it through.

    The end of Roe v Wade was always their goal. And, just like all the other crises we’ve faced recently, they will face no consequences. So they’ll continue to chip away at the country until they instill a theocracy in its place.

  9. Yes. But it won’t happen. Pathological Liars are accepted into the American Government. Trump lies every time he opens his disgusting mouth. Millions follow him and support his lies.

  10. Yes, and some more than others. They misled / lied to Congress under oath to get approved. What else will they do to supplant the rights for other Americans with their own ideologies?

  11. If the SC can just change their mind whenever they want to on something they told us was established law, then they can do that with literally any of those laws. This is a council of 9 people that the american people don’t get a say on, who receive a lifetime position, who have the power to manipulate what our constitutional rights are. And they just went back on their word that Roe v Wade was established law, you think they won’t do that with other established laws? They have a republican majority that was put there on purpose to over turn Roe v Wade amongst other precedents. The republicans did everything in their power to stop Obama from putting in a new justice during his term and then just shoved Amy Comey Barret and Brett Kavanaugh in there as quick as they possibly could, Amy Comey Barret who comes from a known cult and only views the world through her religion and Brett Kavanaugh who is a rapist. The republicans knew they couldn’t get the results they wanted out of congress, so they went for the supreme court who they knew they could manipulate if they could get a republican majority. There should be no majority at all in the SC, they should be impartial and unbiased. Our rights shouldn’t depend on what party has the majority.

  12. Well… they lied under oath. So yes, they should be impeached over it. It seems fairly straightforward. If *I* lied on my job application I’d expect to get fired for it, I feel like similar applies here.

  13. Yes honestly and you might say but other people have lied under oath well they should be impeached as well. The oath is one thing our county does well and if it gets ruined then, what is America? (not that we are not asking that question now)

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