[serious] Feel free to vent and get things off of your chest. What is currently upsetting you?

[serious] Feel free to vent and get things off of your chest. What is currently upsetting you?

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  1. I know I need to start up the job hunt again, but it’s SO hard to find the motivation. Every time I do, it’s just an endless parade of jobs I’m not qualified for, and the few jobs that I do end up applying for never even give me an interview. In six years (albeit off and on) I’ve had ONE interview.

    At the same time, it seems like I’ve exhausted all the dating opportunities my city is going to offer me. I haven’t had sex in almost 9 months, and my patience is wearing thin.

    I sometimes feel like this is just…as good as my life is ever going to be. And if that’s the case, then I’m mostly just living to spare my family the grief of my death. Not a great feeling.

  2. My birthday is in September but so was my grandmother’s.

    We would have joint birthday celebrations. And she passed last year(I got to see her in September)

    But without her, I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. I really would like to skip past all the fuss over me. Because it doesn’t feel right to be having a birthday without my birthday bestie(Nana)

  3. There’s this girl that I told that I like her and she says she likes me back. There’s similarities between us which makes the relationship all the more interesting because of the potential conversations we can have and the experiences we can share. However, she’s unsure on how to proceed with us because she feels uncertainty and fear. She dealt with a breakup a couple months back. I just want what’s best for her. By being aware that she’s scared and uncertain, I’ve been feeling down and demotivated.

  4. I think my employer wants to fire my friend, who I introduced to the company, but the employer is being super vague about it and making my friend very anxious. I know the big boss personally and so my friend wants me to speak to them. On one hand I want to help my friend, who is struggling financially and is a great guy, but on the other hand I don’t want to push my luck with the big boss who is a strict person about who is employed and why. I think that if my friend does get laid off while I am fine, then it risks causing a divide in our friendship, even if just unconsciously.

    I am playing it diplomatic and being smart about it, but it kinda sucks. I hope everything works out. I also have my own huge workload to worry about in the meantime.

  5. I’ve finally been diagnosed, but the fact that I’ll be living with a disability for the rest of my life is something. A very mixed and muddled something. I’m grateful I can finally put a name to what I’ve been suffering from, but it’s going to get worse and it isn’t exactly a common disease. It took me so long to get diagnosed, and I won’t lie, I had hoped that finally getting a diagnosis would have been a bigger moment? I had hoped they’d know what medicine to put me on, what caused the disease and more. But nope! I’m trying out a cocktail of drugs and I’m still having terrible flareups. No extreme side effects but I’ve got a few weeks left til I can hope for results. I’m tired. I recognize I’m incredibly lucky for having a support group who encouraged me to keep fighting for a diagnosis but I don’t feel like a ‘superhero’ or an ‘incredible advocate’. I always did my best to advocate for other disabled people, long before I started to realize constant pain and exhaustion wasn’t normal, and it’s only now that it’s really hitting me how shoddy the support it.

    Thanks for listening. I think this helped at least a little bit.

  6. My MIL is a narcissistic person and has tried to sabotage just about every good thing in my husbands life.

    We had to secretly get married because she has manipulated my mom into being a mole for her and so I can’t even talk to her about anything because she will report it to my MIL.

    My MIL will sneak over to my moms to see our children even tho we have specifically stated she is not to be around as she has bullied our oldest child and she is refusing to talk to me because I stood up to her and called her on her bullshit.

    She has stalked us, come into our house uninvited multiple times because she has a key, she refused to give my husband his birth certificate and SSC so he could join the military and so much more.

    I hate entitled white bitches

    Edit: my mother is 80 years old so she takes advantage of her age and colorism because my mom believes white blond ladies with money are good people.

    Edit 2: thanks for the award I can go in if you’d like but it would be long AF as DH and I have been together 6 years and that was the abridged version.

  7. I turned 21 recently, and I’m not big on parties or celebrating in general, but my mother made a big stink about my birthday and wanted me to decide. I wanted to invite some close friends over and have some drinks, unfortunately though there is one guy in my friend group still 20. (Under the legal drinking age in the US) My mother said we wouldn’t have any alcohol if there was even one underaged person at the party, so I reserved myself and decided to have a family only party and meet up with friends and get wasted later.

    Fast forward to my actual birthday and, I have a PC I need to return because it’s a piece of crap, my mother has her tail wound up like a Chihuahua, and then my sister and her boyfriend were out to see MCR while they were near by, so everyone was too tired to do much of any partying. So, I couldn’t even play games and have fun with my close family.

    It was just a pile of unfortunate events that really put me off, and I want people to accept that instead of telling me how thankful to be.

    FYI, I didn’t have anything to drink either

  8. How expensive it is just to be alive. Housing costs, having to buy a reliable car, the cost of food now. And tips have gotten so bad because people don’t have the spending money, I’m so stressed.

  9. I’m so tired of working a job that is actively trying to kill me. I love my job but there is a literal court order dictating what my workload should be that is consistently ignored.

  10. I’ve been neural implanted by the CIA. They listen to my thoughts and I can hear voices responding to everything I think. They only respond with a series of about 5 to 6 phrases. It’s been going on for about 1 1/2 years and it never stops. From the second I wake up until the moment I fall asleep I have some idiot on the other end of some communications device using various voices constantly commenting on whatever I’m thinking about. There’s plenty more our wonderful intelligence agency has done to me directly but that’s a story for another venting session.

  11. Both of my in-laws have cancer, I have a drinking problem, me and my wife are going broke( still in better shape than most people…)I have two little children(who I adore) I hate my job and the greater world seems to be going to shit. I’m not looking for sympathy just overwhelmed at the moment and just answering the question.

  12. i made a mistake 3 months ago in my relationship, the guy im dating wanted space and because of how its the first time ever he hasn’t texted for days, i got worried, and thought hes never gonna come back and went to the person hes not so close anymore and open up abt the situation. i was stupid and thought if i got help from someone that knows him, i could understand him better but i got impatient mid texting and ended up telling them to tell him to text me.

    but it made things worse bc my man texted back and was mad. theres not a lot of people he trust with his problems and i didnt know that it was wrong to him, i got caught up in my negative emotions wnd did stuff without thinking. i did apologize a lot of time and also let him decide if he still wants to be with me. he said he does

    things weren’t really doing so well since its the biggest argument we had, it took some weeks to get over and eventually we’re back to normal again, flirting joking around,.. ect but i still have the feeling that hes not as comfortable and that i lost his trust a bit. im an overthinker so i tried my best to stop it.

    a week and 4 days ago, he asked for space again but i didnt know he wanted space bc he just never replied to my text all of a sudden and i got worried and kinda send spanmed his phone a bit (i dont go to his friends anymore i learn from my mistakes) and then he got mad and sajd that why cant I understand he wants space sometimes. he also said that he feels more comfortable being with his guy close friend. i feel horrible for pushing him. he also said that he doesn’t feel the same as how we were before which im assuming that my assumptions abt him being not as comfortable is true. and i dont think its losing feelings bc i asked him that and he said he might just feel like he needed a break.

    he also sounded tired and fed up. now we haven’t talked in a week qnd 4 days. ive been blaming myself a lot and overthinking got anxiety attacks and stuff. im not spamming his phone or haven’t sended another message since i dont wanna force him. i just get worried sometimes. i cried at least twice a day everyday since that argument and i feel like a horrible perspn for pushing him. i didnt mean to crossed his boundaries but fuck i feel hopeless.i feel like hes never gonna come back or if he does hes gonna break things off between us. it sucks

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