[Serious] Frugal people of reddit, what’s a way to save money that most people don’t realize?

[Serious] Frugal people of reddit, what’s a way to save money that most people don’t realize?

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  1. Only buy a home you can afford to pay off in 15 years or less. You’ll save a ton in interest. And get a smaller home. Save a ton on utilities and maintenance. Invest the money you save for retirement.

  2. Buy Nothing and Freecycle.

    There is so many good things people just give away for free. You’re not seen as a mooch for asking, but rather someone who’s looking to give something a new lease on life and keep items out of a landfill.

    I’d reckon 90% of my children’s clothes and equipment have been passed on by others.

    Also, always drive through wealthy neighborhoods on the night before garbage collection, particularly on bulk pickup days. You can find amazing things curbside.

  3. It’s getting harder to do, but wherever possible, pay with cash – there’s a real psychological difference, and you’re far more likely to consider “do I *really* need this” when you have to physically hand over the money.

  4. Stop paying bank fees. There are ways to avoid paying bank fees on major banks or if the minimum balance is something you can’t afford, online banks can offer the same services for free without a minimum balance.

  5. If you use cash, put away a certain type of bill every time you get one for a year at least. That way at the beginning of the year you have a lot of extra cash on hand and you’d be surprised at the amount of money you have saved up that had you not saved would’ve probably went towards something miscellaneous. My dad did that last year and he had over $2’000 in pure $ 10’s.

  6. Quit going out to eat. Consolidate your trips. Make a loop with your stops. If you don’t NEED it do t buy it. Shop around and research purchases. Even if the initial investment is a bit higher you don’t have to pay to fix it as often, so in the long run it is cheaper, and don’t put off preventative maintenance items.

  7. If there’s somethign you see and you really want, like a video game or movie etc, wait 24 hours. If you still want it, then buy it. This kills a huge amount of impulse buys.

    When you do buy something, ask if you can buy it twice. If you’d buy something for 20 bucks but not 40 bucks, then don’t buy it.

    The key is really to live below your means. If you’re making, say 2000 a month, don’t move into an apartment that’s 1400 in rent. Just because you have the money, doesn’t mean you can afford it.

  8. These ways could be more applicable for most of the students but here are some of them. Try to buy some refills like pens and paper pages instead of buying a whole new product. I also ask some people here to give me some papers I can use (scratch papers) for solving. Don’t always rely on branded items, try generic products cause some of them works really fine too. Also, instead of buying binder notebooks, just try to buy some binder rings and reuse some folders and DIY. I know many people have said it many times but learn how to prioritize things, don’t always try to follow anything that’s a social media trend. Just because an item is on sale it doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily buy it. Instead of buying bottled waters when going to school, settle for a tumbler. When buying clothes, try to consider thrift shops and look for good quality clothes. I also plan on saving some money for some plain shirts cause I want to avoid stressing myself out on what to wear and because most of my clothes are worn out now (people need to get used to how I dress myself). Investment is also a must.

    I am not saying that I got rich from these ways but it helped me a lot and of course my parents. Hope that that my words made some sense.

    Edit: added some words

  9. Call your bill companies and ask if there’s a way to lower the bill. I do this periodically and there almost always is. I just lowered my car insurance by $100 just by asking. I had raised my credit score a lot since I last checked on it.

  10. Save a set amount of money. 1.5k-3k. Provision a portion of your income into investments. Read a lot of books about finance and investing, trading. Have many credit cards. Own your car, learn how to take care of it inside and out.

  11. Being raised as a dirt child by one of the world’s cheapest men (my awesomely weird father) here is my advice.

    This is the biggie- Constantly question your own social conditioning, swallow your pride and look for creative solutions. Ex. Buy xxl (preferably used) “kids” clothes as an adult. Ex. Accept the scraps of entitled rich people. My bother literally got a perfectly good TV from a dorm dumpster that some turd threw away when they moved out. My dad (crazy as he is) saw a random hose down by the river (and instead of leaving it be like a normal person) got a new hose. Ex. Scour the thrift store for things new in packages that can pass for gifts (bonus: be constantly scouring for well priced gifts for specific people and save them for whatever event.)

    Attempt to fix things and limp them along until they completely die. We had so much crap like “the cassette player with the broken radio” when I was a kid.

    Always go for used first.

    Track your spending to get an idea where you are going overboard and/or can cut.

    Take a hard look at cancelling most or all subscription services.

    Avoid buying products overpriced due to meaningless marketing, like “women’s” razors.

    I could go on but I’ve already said a ton. My last insight is I’ve come to view time and money as opposite ends of a scale. Easy to spend money and save time, easy to save money and spend time. Penny pinching to the extreme takes a ton of time so be prepared for saving money to be like a hobby.

  12. Just don’t do things you don’t want to do. Don’t want to wear makeup? Don’t. Don’t want to shave your legs? Don’t. Want to wear sweatpants literally 100% of the time you’re not working? Have at it. Don’t want to do any skincare because your skin is fine on its own? Go for it. Want to wear the same plain black shirt every day? You get the picture.

  13. Several have already mentioned cooking your own meals and avoiding going out to eat.

    I’ll add on top of that to eat leftovers. Leftover meat can last for 3-4 days (safely), and veggies even longer. You can get a decent air fryer for under $100 bucks and they are amazing for reheating food compared to a microwave.

    If your local grocery store has a great deal on certain types/cuts of meat that you like —— Stock UP! Freeze what you’re not going to eat soon. Seriously saves a lot of $$$.

  14. i think most people know the ways to save money. it’s a matter of willingness. everybody knows you should only spend money on what’s necessary if you want to save money, but what they deem as necessary can highly vary depending on who you ask. for example, we all need food, clothes and shelter at a bare minimum, but are you willing to save loads of money by eating PB&Js every day for every meal? Are you willing to only have 2-3 plain outfits you can wear outside the house? Take cold 2-3 minute showers every 2-3 days? It’s in the many little habits, many smaller than those i’ve mentioned that add up if you are cutting back across the board. if you live like you’re poor you may become rich, but if you live like you’re rich you’ll drive yourself poor.

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