[Serious] Have you ever had what you believe to be a paranormal experience?

[Serious] Have you ever had what you believe to be a paranormal experience?

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  1. Stayed in an Airbnb in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. I couldn’t decide if the place was decorated to imitate 1970s East German style or whether it just hadn’t been decorated in 40 years, I suspected the latter.

    On the first night me and my friends all heard footsteps in the night walking across the apartment. Then the following night we were having drinks in the kitchen and a lamp was knocked off its table by some invisible force. Shortly afterwards we heard three distinct loud knocks at the apartment door (an internal door inaccessible without a key)…Being the only male I rushed to answer it (thinking it could be the landlord or something) but there was nobody there. When we checked the Booking.com reviews several other guests had also reported similar spooky goings on!

  2. I saw apparitions that looked like heat signatures in the attic.

    I saw someone walk by in the bar I worked at and another employee standing next to me saw him at the same time. We searched the entire place and didn’t find anyone.

    When I made my room in said attic, I woke up hitting the floor. My bed had moved 3 feet from the wall. The bed frame was on stationary feet. No wheels.

  3. The event happened back in late November last year me, my younger brother, and my step sister were sitting at the table goofing off. We had candles and were pretending to be a mediation coach. It was all fun and games when all of a sudden my little brother who hardly is ever scared and never….and I mean NEVER cries fell backwards from his chair screamed and ran to other side of the room. Me and my step sister didn’t question we just ran with him. At first he was crying and was shaking, when he calmed down he looked at us and said “did you see it?” me and my step sister looked at each other with a confused look and turned to him and said “no”. Then my step sister said “what happened?” he got more scared and looked down and covered his face he has never done this before. He looks up at us and says “I saw a tall, skinny black figure walking to the closet” We went silent after a few mins of silence I said “did it look like it was as tall as the door?” my little brother nodded his head, While my step sister asked why I asked that question. I then stated “I’ve it seen once while I was in the mirror and have just pictured it in my head when ever i’m in the room” (the room is my moms room/where My little brother saw the figure) that happened when I first moved back in with my mom after living with my grandma (in January). Then my step sister also said how she always felt something watching her from inside of my moms room.

    We did some of our own investigating and we think the figure came from my moms closet and is stuck to only my moms room, we think this because my little brother saw the figure walking to the closet, my step sister always gets a nervous feeling when in my moms room, and I saw it in my moms bathroom mirror and have seen some type of glowing orange-ish eyes from inside the closet. How we think it got their, my mom’s ex use to travel a lot and make friends along the way, and said friends would give him gifts so we think that the figure is attached to one of those objects, plus while the ex was here he said that hes seen a tall black figure since he was little. So that was a scary experience but we named the figure Danny Devito to ease our fears for a while.

    We told my mom and as any adult, she blamed it on the shows we were watching, and that it was all in her heads. Now once in a while she’ll ask “so anything happened with Danny Devito?” we just say no and continue on with our lives.

  4. The house I live in an old farmhouse in upstate NY. It’s haunted but my grampa said “it’s not Poltergeist or Conjuring haunted, these ghosts don’t do shit”. Doors open. You feel something coming into the room when there’s nothing there, stuff like that. My mom died giving birth to me and I’ve had several dreams where I see her and talk to her. It doesn’t feel like a dream, but an actual conversation. Nobody believes me but i dont care any more. I just don’t tell anybody in real life because I’m tired of the crazy looks.

  5. I want to go on the record that I have never had an experience like this since then. I am a firm believer in the paranormal but even this makes me shiver when I recall it.

    Me and my family around 5 years ago lived in an old house from the 1700’s. It had been in my family’s name for quite a bit but never really had any history around it.

    We’d been living there for a solid 3-4 years at the time of this happening. The house had grown unsettling in a way to the point that the places I felt most uneasy around (the crawl space in the basement and the attic) i’d catch my cats hissing at or down right refusing to go near. The Basement crawlspace was directly 2 floors under my bedroom, and the attic was right outside it.

    I woke up around maybe 4 in the morning feeling sick in the stomach. That same on edge feeling hit me but I paid no mind to it as I scrolled on my phone for a bit. I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling and i understood why when I looked up.

    In my second story window (which had a drop off to the basement steps right outside it, so a solid 3 stories reach from the actual physical ground) there was just someone or something staring at me. Looked straight out of a page of “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.”

    I flipped over in my bed and began begging like there was no tomorrow. It felt like only 5 minutes but by the time I turn back over the sun was rising. I don’t know what the hell happened that night but yeah-! (there’s been other experiences in that house but this one is just the most notable-)

  6. Maybe. I don’t believe in ghosts or smth like that but there’re some situations I still can’t explain.
    1. I was alone at home and saw a man walking through the corridor.
    2. My mom was alone at home. She went to bed when she heard the clip clip of claws, like as if a dog was coming into the room. Then she felt smth warm and fluffy jumped on the bed and leant against her back. Mom was too scared to turn and look what it was. Several minutes later the smth jumped off the bed and went out of the room.

    Both those stories took place in our old flat.

    3. I was walking in the yard of my holiday house and decided to go to outdoor wc. Then, someone started to pull the door from the outside trying to open it. I thought it was my cat cause he often does that, so I told him to stop. 10 seconds later I went out and there was no cat there. I went home and figure out all my family were watching TV and the cat was sleeping on my niece’s knees.

  7. One night I went to bed early while my parents watched a movie in the living room. My room is right off of the living room, so when someone is in there, I can see the light under the crack in my door.

    I didn’t actually go to sleep, but just laid on my bed, facing away from the door with my eyes closed. At one point, I heard my mom slowly walk to my door and stop just outside of it. After several minutes, I heard her slowly open the door. As she did, I could see the light flood my bedroom from the living room lights (my eyes were still closed) I thought it was odd, but I thought she was looking for something and didn’t want to wake me. I then heard my mom slowly walk across my room. Again, kind of odd, but I didn’t think much of it and kept pretending to be asleep. Then I felt her sit on my bed. That kind of annoyed me since I was clearly trying to sleep, so I turned over to ask her what the hell she was doing. But nobody was there, the lights were off and my door was shut. I got up, peeked outside the door and saw that their bedroom light was off and there house was dark and silent. Freaked me the hell out.

  8. Yes! I’ve had plenty. Here is a quick one.

    One night, *something* woke me from my sleep. About two seconds later one of the electrical sockets in my room *exploded*. A fire nearly started, but I was able to get up and control things.

    This *something* woke me to protect me from what could’ve happened.

  9. Throwaway since my parents don’t allow me on Reddit. Late one night I was going downstairs to get a midnight snack, I immediately got goosebumps and shivers because of how dark it was. I rushed over to the light switch and turned the lights on, I prepared my snack which consisted of Oreos and milk.

    I was still getting goosebumps and shivers, so I said to myself that ghosts weren’t real, as soon as I said that, in the corner of my eye, a piece of cloth flew from the sink. It wasn’t near the edge or anything, it straight up flew to the floor. I decided to watch YouTube to not get scared, and when I was done eating my snack I immediately ran up the stairs without closing any of the appliances.

    There wasn’t any wind or anyone awake, it was just me. So I don’t see why a piece of cloth would fly off the fucking counter right as I said to myself that ghosts weren’t real.

  10. At night when I was a child, I used to always see a dark figured man with a top hat staring at me in the corner of my room, it started happening a few months ago but I got my house blessed again and I haven’t had it since

  11. Yes one time an old painting of a woman fell off the wall just when my friend was saying how the woman was ugly. All of the sudden the painting fell off the wall at the exact moment when we were laughing at the woman being ugly. It was so weird because no one was touching the wall. Anyway I now believe in ghosts

  12. Where i live is a port city in the middle east. There is a very close island ( 30 minutes with a motorboat ) that the elderly believe to be haunted by ” genies “. Thats the general name here for any metaphysical being , be it a ghost , demon , etc. They usually refer to an specific type of demon called a ” zar ” which basically drives you mad.

    Anyway being the careless atheist teenager that i am , i went to spend the night ALONE at the mountains there because i was super into astrology and i owned a telescope.

    Around 2 AM in the middle of some sky watching , i hear shrieks. Very loud , long , bone chilling shrieks coming from something like 500 meters away. Then the purest silence i’ve ever felt in my whole life. The more i try to make sense out of it the more i realize how senseless it really is. It wasn’t human. There are no native animals that can make such a sound – only a bunch of deer and maybe a couple of foxes and a few species of small birds.

    I know im panicking so i try to calm myself by getting busy with my telescope and not thinking much about it , as im 3 hours away from any kind of civilization and have to wait till the morning for a bike to pass by. Phone has no signal there also.

    Then it happens again , but right behind me. Something like 2 meters behind me , i feel a shriek so loud , my whole body shakes uncontrollably as im frozen with a blank mind. I cant turn. I cant move. Im straight up frozen. And i know there is something behind me.

    I lost track of time. I was standing still for maybe 5 minutes , maybe 10 , maybe an hour. But i knew my body was going sore. Somehow i gather enough courage to turn back and there is nothing. But i feel watched and extremely unsafe. I had enough. I didnt even bother packing my telescope , i straight up picked up my backpack and ran to the port.

    I don’t even remember my 9km run, how i got there or which path i took. All i know is i was FAST. probably fastest i ever was or will be in my whole life. I was so panicked and shocked that the port people just knew what i had experienced from my face. An elderly said i had been exposed to ” zar “, and it could express itself and bring chaos and pain to me and my surroundings anytime.

    If u’re interested in where this happened , the island is called ” hormoz ” ; situated south of iran.

  13. Briefly saw what I think was a ghost, for a second. I was going to say hi to him but no one was there.

    Had my hotel’s bathtub faucet get turned on by itself, at full blast at like 3 am. In an old mining town. I was too tired at the moment to be overly creeped out about it. I think it was paranormal.

    Heard a flute playing on Antietam Battlefield, for several seconds.

  14. Went to a guy place in winter, it was those old house with no heater. We got there in the middle of the night.

    When we were getting ready to sleep, we heard loud banging on the door. No big deal, prolly wind blowing through the window. He fell asleep first, I was under the blanket

    Then I felt this sudden chill, like something was there. I closed my eyes and elbow him, while thinking wake the fuck up. He got up then yelled β€œTURN ON THE LIGHT!”

    I jumped up and pulled the light switch above us. He had those ceiling fans with light. Then after a good minute, he told me he saw a human shadow stood by the bed.

    We looked at each other, then went back to sleep. Nothing happened afterwards, but I never go back there again.

    That was the second time I experienced weird shit in that house, and I only went there 3 times. 2 out of 3 lol

  15. Listen closely, friends, for thy may not believe my story. On a December night, when I was camping & 11, my curious little self heard a sound, as I saw out the window, I screamed.

    I screamed, as I saw a black horned thing, hanging upside down by a tree, holding a corpse, which limbs were hanging on by the veins, I slammed the curtains shut, until I look out, and it was gone. . . .

  16. yes, I believe that I had a paranormal experience. one night when I was sleeping I suddenly;y felt like my body was sort of being lifted or IDK I was being pulled or something. but I do believe that something was trying to pull me out of my body.

  17. i worked for the Mob Museum in Vegas during graveyard shift .. those guys definitely made it known to me that i wasn’t alone lol ..

  18. I work at a no kill animal shelter. But in the 50’s through the early 90’s that same building was a county pound where 5-7 animals were euthanized daily. So there is a history there.
    On weekends one person works the kennel alone on Sundays and Mondays. The layout of our particular kennels is kind of a circle of about 20 kennels, and two doors leading to outside run yards.. While we are cleaning kennels 2 dogs at a time are outside in the runs.
    This was about 2 years ago, me alone on a Sunday and at that time we only had one solid black dog in kennel available for adoption named Lucy and she was a large Shepard that was somewhat not always friendly with other dogs.
    I was cleaning a different dogs kennel when I very clearly saw a solid large black dogs butt and back legs, with a long shaggy tail and all cut around the the corner….my first thought is “oh shit Lucy’s gotten out of her kennel” and I didn’t know if she was headed for another dogs kennel to try and fight through another dog’s kennel door because as she cut that corner and I lost sight of her I heard the dogs in their kennels on the other side barking. I quickly put down my mop and kind of sprinted down the kennel hall around the corner to go leash Lucy and in doing so I passed her kennel and she was in the kennel. I kind of slammed on brakes and just stared at Lucy as the barking on the other side kind of stopped. And I thought well if that wasn’t Lucy…I don’t have any other large black dogs. I went around the whole kennel 3 times. And there was no loose dogs. Certainly none that met that description. And I know that I very surely saw a black dog running around that kennel floor. And over the years I was not the only one to see him (or her).

  19. Once when I was 11 I was alone in my grandparents’ house, I think it was around 7 or 8pm when it happened

    Quick explanation, my grandparents’ house is a two-story one, with their room being right above the living room, the 2nd floor is made of wood which makes a very distinct noise whenever anyone is waking on it and the stairs plopping you right into the living room next to the couch that is in front of the tv, also where they live is very noisy and there’s buses going up the street every hour (keep these details, they’re important)

    So I was watching tv when I heard what sounded like a light thud on the second floor, but since there was nothing else I thought it was either my imagination or the noise came from one of the neightbours

    a few minutes later I heard it again, much louder now, like there was actually someone walking up there. I knew it couldn’t be a burglar because the only window on the second floor that anyone could use to enter the house had bars and it was already closed and locked

    The sound kept going as if the “person” was walking on circles so I went uptairs to check, using a cushion as a shield just in case (I was eleven shut up.), turned on the lights, check the room, nothing. I checked the whole second floor just to be safe but found nothing odd or out of place so I went back downstairs to the tv

    Around one or two hours later, it came back again, this time so loud it was real, it felt like it was in my ears and upstairs at the same time, no matter the noises from the street or the tv I could hear perfectly and now I was truly scared

    The steps also got out of the bedroom, I heard them perfectly getting out of the bedroom (no noise from the door tho) pause at the corridor and come down the stairs, I sat there frozen in fear hugging the cushion while the steps came down. When the “person” came to the part of the stairs where the wall ended and you could actually see who was comming, the steps stopped. I rushed to turn the stairs light up and thank God I saw nothing, but after a while I swear I heard the steps going back upstairs

    Of couse when the adults got back home and I told my mom she said it was just my imagination, but ***it. was. not.*** Also no, I wasn’t watching a horror movie or anything, I was the very definition of a crybaby and a scared cat as a kid! Anything horror was a big ass nope in my book (oddly enough I liked watching the Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy), I was zapping between Disney Channel and Discovery Kids!

    Also, to finish the story, about 2 years after that I went to my bedroom to grab something and saw a tall man shadow-like figure with 2 white dots for eyes and a sillhouette that looked like an overcoat. I haven’t seen, heard and experience anything like those moments in that house ever since

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