[Serious] How annoyed are you by all the sexual posts in this sub?

[Serious] How annoyed are you by all the sexual posts in this sub?

What do you think?

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  1. Not really. People are often uncomfortable asking things about sex in their day to day lives for fear of being judged, so it makes sense they might turn to a semi-anonymous forum to ask such questions.

  2. I dont mind them, I ask/read sexual questions on other subreddits anyway. No offence, but why would ppl even waste energy/time hating or complaining about a subreddit for posting too many sexual question for their taste. Seems pointless and dumb.

  3. Not very. Like I get your annoyance. But Reddit has a lot of teens and early 20somethings on it. Two very horny and unsure of themselves demos who have a lot of sex questions.

  4. I don’t mind when questions are about sex, but I do dislike boring/overdone questions, which a lot of sexual questions are. It’s very possible if not particularly common to ask an interesting, insightful question about sex, though.

  5. I’m really not. I’m not weird and awkward about sex. I know it’s a part of life that pretty much everyone does and is a valid subject of discussion. The spammy reposts, karma whoring, and “look at me! I’m so suicidal. I’m suicidal you guys! Pay attention to me! I’m suicidal!” posts are the annoying part. Sex is no less valid a subject than any other. Honestly the Helen Lovejoy pearl clutching is far more annoying and unless you have some weird unresolved issues there’s no reason to treat it any differently.

  6. Some of them are really interesting. This answer was my recent favorite: “Women think men sit on their balls but men balls and penis, unlike vagina, is a little toward the front and not completely under the crotch.”

  7. There’s actually a sub for sexual questions: r/askredditafterdark. But it doesn’t have as many subscribers as this sub, or maybe people just don’t know that sub exists, so people just post sexual questions here.

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