(Serious) How close are we actually to direct full-scale military conflict between NATO and Russia?

(Serious) How close are we actually to direct full-scale military conflict between NATO and Russia?

What do you think?

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  1. Well, certainly a lot closer than most any of us thought in our lifetimes. But still extremely remote. If Russia uses a tactical nuclear weapon in any capacity (unlikely) , all bets are off.

  2. Thing is, it doesn’t even have to be a “Putin goes nuts” scenario. Most close calls were initiated further down the chain of command, when the computer in some silo gave off falls alarms at times of hightened tension.

    Able archer 1983 are search terms you might want to look into.

  3. depends on Putins psychological state.the decisions he make are not fully rational from normal man’s perspective.

    also depends on horoscope and i’m not joking. on the 22.02.2022 he declared war 🙂

  4. Welcome to Boomer world. You know, the old folks who lived everyday as kids and adults under the threat of nuclear annihilation. I lived close to a Strategic Air Command base. I also remember being mystified when B 52 bombers with fighter escorts flew over me at less than 500 feet when they scrambled with live nukes during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Wanna be scared out of your wits? Imagine the sky full of American bombers and fighters going like bats out of hell while knowing the Soviets and the USA were on the brink of nuclear ☢️ war .

    My advice to all you younger folks is to get used to this new threat because as long as Putin and his kind have nukes, there is always the possibility they will use them.

  5. It’s still escalating. Weapons are being sent in, and the more goes in, the closer we get.

    It’s all about how much the Russians can accept they started this now I think.

    NATO is not ending it by cancelling the support.

    So we get closer by the day.

  6. The rhetoric from Putin is starting to concern me. It doesnt sound rational. He must know if he launches any nuclear weapons there will be a counter strike. There will be no winners.

  7. Definitely not as close as the US news media would like us to believe because views/clicks sells ad-space. There is definitely potential it will delve into that as most of the necessary ingredients are there, but significantly more likely that it doesn’t happen than does happen.

  8. Just to clarify I’m no War supporter or anything else but this annoys me. I think it wouldn’t come that far, we are stuck with the same appeasement polices they had right before World War 2 (Remember the Sudetenland???). Now it’s like: “Putin bad need to take action” One Day. Next Day it is “We StiLl HAvE tOo WaTCh iT” Nobody has the balls to do anything. If seen shit like never before, I saw a Video of a 12 year old Girl I believe getting Hit by a rocket while on her bike, she even moved for a bit afterwards. Then came the Massacre of Butscha. When I heard that news I was on the verge of Exploading. Women, Children and Elderly shot with hands tied up behind their back. wow It takes great honor to do that. And then what made the fucking Shit berry on top of the Whipped Cream was the Rocket strike on Railway stations where they exactly knew, that only children and Women will be there. Im fucking sick of it but I can’t do nothing. We have made ourselves dependent on Russian Oil for years on end now and there’s no way out now. The promise we would intervene when Gas is used will most likely be forgotten too when it really happens. We really let this bald dement Monkey in the Kremlin do what he wants. HELL I BELIVE HE COULD CONQUER WHOLE EUROPE AND NOBODY WOULD MIND. Our Politicians are ass. One who isn’t tho is Selenzky. My massive respect goes out to him.
    Pehw I know what I wrote may not be liked by anyone and thats ok because you can think what you want. But I needed this of my chest now. Sorry for the agressive language btw

  9. Not close at all. It may seem like it’s close because of the situation that is goint on but it’s not like that at all. Putin didn’t really intend for all this to happen, he expeceted less and now he knows he is fucked and what ever option he choses will damage him. Putin can’t go to nuclear war because that is just suicide for him and he wouldn’t sacrifice himself, his country yes, but not himself.

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