(serious) how do you deal with loneliness?

(serious) how do you deal with loneliness?

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  1. I know it seems counterintuitive, but I go to some quiet state parks and bask in the alone time. Out there I’m not pressured to be with someone. My experience is unique because I am alone. Occasionally it would be nice to share that experience, but at the same time my experience is in no way hampered because I’m alone. All that helps me keep my center.

    One of my favorites to visit Is Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. It’s a dark sky reserve and on new moon nights you can see the milky way with your naked eye. Laying there, stargazing, and thinking about the vast emptiness is surprisingly clarifying.

  2. I clean a lot. Not just the basics, but learning how to take things apart to clean. Ie, dishwasher filter, washer filters, the glass on the door of my oven etc. It helps to have my mind set on a certain task at hand.
    If for some reason the lonely hits hard and I can’t clean, I play tetris.

  3. This is a question you should ask of over the road truck drivers, as they can be out on the road 2 , 3 weeks or more driving. I did it for a little while but I wasn’t bothered at all, I’m not antisocial but when I was 10 years old,my dad got a job being a boss at a sewage treatment plant, they built him a house on the property as part of his pay. Imagine, a sixth grader asking friends to come over to your house that smells like shit. I played alone for a few years and finally rode my bike and made a few friends that didn’t mind the smell.

  4. Stop waiting for your friends to reach out to you and initiate a conversation with them. There are more people who care about you than you know.

  5. you don’t. Loneliness will get you sick in the head 100% of the times. Find a pet or a family member or someone to talk to that you trust at least once a day.

  6. It’s a state of mind. Unless you have some sort of chemical imbalance that doesn’t allow you to feel any joy. Robin Williams had that issue, nothing would bring him joy. In lieu of that, then it comes down to the individual – people feel lonely for a variety of different reasons. Without any context as to what defines “loneliness”, it is difficult to even fathom how to overcome such loneliness. You can’t have a serious answer when it’s such a broad question with no clear definitions as to what “loneliness” means to you.

  7. I ask people out for coffee, send them memes, annoy my siblings, *watch copious amounts of anime and manhwa*, and when my car permits it, I go to church activities. I sometimes also start making books.

    They all depend on how lonely I feel, tho. Sometimes I can’t do anything so I just put and audiobook or podcast and stare at my ceiling for hours. Sometimes it’s more bearable than other times…

  8. I felt really lonely today and decided to go rock climbing for the first time. Ive been wanting to do it for weeks but I’d been waiting to make a friend who would go with me but these shit fucking feelings left me with no choice.

  9. So I’m not saying it would help anyone and this is in no way advice but for me what worked was acid (but I guess any psychedelic) alone . It really opened my eyes and let me be comfortable with myself while alone …. Side effects tho is that it is sometimes really hard for me to be around people that I don’t like . You might say – don’t be around theses people but unfortunately sometimes you gotta make small talk just to be relevant so that your life can be (my case financially and in University) maintained
    TL;DR- For me drugs.

  10. Make a point of checking up on others, look up service opportunities in your community, don’t let yourself get sucked into 1-player activities.

  11. I just vibe alone, listen to music and stuff. At some point you have mastered the art of being alone and it almost seems normal to you (I was really lonely about a year ago)

  12. Food and series/movies. I eat a lot of food that the my brain can no longer process the fact that I am alone and the other hundred things that is wrong in my life.

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