[Serious] How does an introvert meet new people in a new city?

[Serious] How does an introvert meet new people in a new city?

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  1. 1-Go to a dating website/app

    2-Set up your account (some photo, talk a little about yourself, etc.)

    3-Specify on the app that you just want to meet new friends. (Tinder doesn’t let you do that, but Badoo and Facebook dating do let you warn people you’re only looking for friendly relationships.

    Naturally, I would avoid doing that if you are in a couple, or be transparent about it to your SO and show them that you’re truly using it only to find new friends, and nothing more.

  2. Join a club that takes part in the same interests you have, music, sports, art, whatever your passion is, go find a group that does that same thing. You’ll find people you get along with because you have the same interests. You can also become a volunteer in charity groups.
    Another option woyld be to talk to your neighbours, by going over and introducing yourself to them you’ll get to know what the place is like and how people are there.

  3. Online. You have to be somewhere where everyone is specifically there with the intention of meeting new people to make friends. You can’t just approach random people going about their day. You can’t just force your friendship on people with similar hobbies or people who go to the same supermarket as you. It needs to be a situation where everyone has established that they want to talk to strangers and make friends.

  4. Whatever your hobbies are, find a group that enjoys that same hobby. (For example you might like basketball and you can go to pick up spots where others go to). good way to meet new people, and eventually someone has to come and talk to you. But the only way to grow as a person is to crack out of that shell and force yourself to talk to people, once you establish that you come to realise why was I so shy to interact with other humans?

  5. May I recommend your local Roller Derby. Many of the Derby folks are very friendly and gregarious. The rest are friendly and quiet. It worked for me I made two new friends and I’m over 40 so if I can do it… anyone can

  6. When im forced to interact with people I end up being friends with them by the 3rd encounter, with people such as the land lord, the store cleric, some neighbors and coworkers.

  7. It’s much better to find a friend group. Use whatever contacts you have, family, mutual friend of an existing friend, work colleagues. Someone must know someone who lives in the new city. Hang out with them then integrate yourself into their friend group.

  8. Start building rapport. Go to local businesses, leave a generous tip (if you can), attend church, help people out whenever you can. Even saying hi to passersby can go a long way.

  9. Get into a routine and find favorite places to shop. Befriend the people that work in said shops. If you’re nice to them, they’ll remember you and strike up conversation the more they see you.

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