[Serious] How does one protect himself from a Nuclear attack?

[Serious] How does one protect himself from a Nuclear attack?

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  1. Vote for people who would prevent it.

    iirc there were still effects of the bombs in Japan well into the 1960s, and those were tiny weapons compared to what we have now.

  2. * “Thumb rule”
    * If you are far enough away and the initial flash didn’t vaporize you, get inside as quickly as possible to the safest part of your house (preferably in a basement, crawlspace) and wait for the main and secondary shockwaves to pass
    * If you’re still alive, immediately take a shower and discard your clothing outside
    * Place wet towels down along exposed areas beneath doors. Close all windows. Shut off HVAC
    * Stay inside for at least 24 hours before attempting to evacuate anywhere else. You need time for dust to settle. When you do leave the house, breathe through a wet towel or respirator if you have one.
    * Collect bottle caps as money
    * Avoid Benny

  3. There are many ways. Many of the videos on the subject from the cold war era are still pretty much valid and available on youtube and such. There are online simulators for danger zones per kiloton and such. If you’re outside a major population centre, and not near military bases or large infrastructure like power plants, rail junctions and harbours you’re pretty safe from the attacks. Surviving the aftermath is considerably more difficult.

  4. There is no way you can be completely impervious to nuclear attack or immune from its effects. What gives you the best possibility for survival is to live somewhere no wants to attack, and is somewhat isolated in terms of weather from the rest of the world. I’d recommend the Namib desert. Good luck.

  5. Actual serious answer: if you are living in Europe, the U.S. or Russia, you don’t really. If the red button is pushed and all missiles go flying then everything is dead.


    Maybe in some African regions you could be safe because there are less important military bases there but even then the nucleair winter would either kill you horribly or make you wish you died in the first blast.


    People that can acutally press the red buttons know this, they know that destroying the enemy with nukes will destroy your own home, family, friends, countries,… Which gives the best guarantee we can have that it will never come to that.

  6. You cannot protect yourself from a nuclear attack. You can purchase potassium iodide pills to protect your thyroid in case of fallout. Prepping specifically for a nuclear attack is probably a waste of time. You’re better off enjoying your life now than spending it worrying and prepping for something that may never happen.

  7. Depends on who you are.

    If you are a large organisation, like a country, then it’s MAD. No one will attack you if they know they will be attacked in return. Beyond that, you spread out your population, so that there are multiple large population centers. In case of Russia, you could destroy Russia as a state with just two large nukes, one in St. Petersburg, the other in Moscow. This would directly target something like 1/5th of Russian population but more importantly, these are two centers from which Russia can operate. Majority of Russia is sparsely populated.

    As a regular person, depends on where and how far away from blast you are. Duck&cover is a meme and has been made fun of to insanity but the truth is that overpressure wave will be the major killer (other one will be thermal radiation, or heat, setting stuff on fire), so duck and cover is actually the best advice. If you are far enough from blast, the pressure wave shattering glass and basically sending it your way is the killer, and simply ducking under the desk can save you. Back in 2013 a meteor blew up over a town in Russia. It was comparable in size to something like 20mt nuke, and it blew up something like 25km up in the atmosphere. The shockwave shattered glass and injured thousands of people.

    Beyond even that, standing behind a building. US actually did a ton of tests on nukes, they essentially constructed fake towns to check how to survive a nuke, and it turns out that if you can get a concrete building between you and the pressure wave, you are way more likely to survive.

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