[Serious] How is your mental health today?

[Serious] How is your mental health today?

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  1. Pretty low. Thought about suicide, worried about being sectioned in therapy and finding no energy to do pretty much anything. Not to mention im getting out of bed later and later each day

    Like i have posts saved from subreddits of people looking for friends and want to reply, but have no energy to reply.

  2. Bad. I’m disabled from severe depression and largely bedridden. My only social outlet, accounting for my cultural leanings, is Discord. I’m banned from the platform for something I didn’t do and they won’t leave me alone and keep banning new accounts. My comment history documents failed cries for help.

    Everything just kinda caved in on me this year. I already tried to kill myself in December and this current nightmare doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. I was a programmer for a game engine and thought I had a way out of my personal hell. Now I’m struggling to keep in touch with my contacts and maintain one of my basic needs.

  3. Really bad. Made me skip my uni classes, but also for some reason just go sit in a parking lot somewhere because I had to at least pretend to go to class while I have family staying home sick for the day. I now have about two hours to write a report with no late work accepted but I can’t seem to make myself do it today.

  4. Better. I missed a week of classes for college (in some high level math classes, had Covid) and was super far behind and panicking. catching up and understanding more. Don’t have any homework due till Friday. I can finally relax a little.

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