[Serious] Men of Reddit, what uncommon red flags in men should women be on the look out for?

[Serious] Men of Reddit, what uncommon red flags in men should women be on the look out for?

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  1. In any relationship, it would be overly possessive and sever jealous behaviour. Committing ones self while dating shouldn’t be in the same realm as a possession.

  2. Probably a guy who avoids detail about his personal life.

    Many guys will do this to some degree to appear mysterious or not too talkative, so it isn’t a big deal in moderation, but a guy who always brings the subject back to you or answers everything vaguely may be hiding something.

  3. Making fun of others on the first date. Harmless pokes at others are okay but only if they are unaware of the jokes. If he is not discreet, it possibly shows his disrespect for others.

    However, please note that not one man is the same. A red flag for one can just be sign of nerves for another.

  4. I’m a girl but I have to comment.
    Love-bombing,big red flag.
    If they sweep you off your feet, it’s a sure bet they are just as aggressive in other areas. Don’t fall for it.

  5. Honestly I think most women are better at this than most men. Dude that’s creepy to women isn’t going to do that me and I might actually get along with him.

    I think the thing that gets some women in danger is lack of self awareness. For example, if she has some unreconciled trauma from childhood that predisposes her to look favorably on crazy abusive guys.

    Or if it’s that time of month where she absolutely must get laid. Lust is blind.

  6. He talks about money openly. Either he doesn’t have any, he’s bad with it, his dad gave it to him, or he earned it and now thinks it’s a personality trait.

  7. Accepting negative feedback. As long as you are communicating it in a constructive way and it’s not a constant barrage, he should be able to accept the feedback and work on it.

    Thinks like hygiene, maybe the way he handles an argument with a friend, whatever it is (note to not be focused too much on your personal preferences)

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