[serious] Men of reddit, who do you call when life hits you hard?

[serious] Men of reddit, who do you call when life hits you hard?

What do you think?


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  1. I have nobody I could call. I don’t have friends, and I haven’t been on good terms with my family in many years.

    I’ve tried crisis hotlines before, but have had some bad experiences, so I’m reluctant to do that again.

  2. No one. Nobody cares. And even if they did, we as men know they’re also going through their own shit and wouldn’t want to burden them with my shit too.

  3. Before I started dating my gf, no one. While we have been dating its been her but as of rn our lives are going in different directions and neither of us want to go distanced it looks like I shall be going back to having to tank it alone at summer’s end.

  4. Usually just my best friend. But sometimes when I’m really low I don’t want to bother anyone with that and I just sink into myself and drink. Lucky it only happens a few times a year.

  5. Step 1: Pinch nose bridge, hang head, *sigh*

    Bonus step: Make sure to speak to no one about it

    Step 2: Take a bath

    Step 3: Call mom the next day to not talk about what happened.

    Step 4: Realize it’s not as bad as you thought.

    So, pretty much the same protocol of stubbing your pinkie toe.

  6. Idk why I’m getting these depression related recommendations but whatever:

    No one, I would have said I’m unusual but the comments here imply perhaps I’m not. I’ve never found that calling someone actually helps with coping (with anything serious at least, minor stuff sharing is nice). It’s always been between me and Walther to make the choice to keep on going, and being able to reconcile life with yourself is far more important than anything someone else could do.

  7. I usually ignore everyone for a while until I get over whatever is causing me grief, whether that be learning to accept what happens or taking action to stop it. I like my friends/family but they aren’t the best to have serious conversations with and I’d probably feel worse afterwards.

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