[Serious] Men, when was the last time you cried, and why?

[Serious] Men, when was the last time you cried, and why?

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  1. Honestly? Probably over 2 years ago… I’m going through a divorce of the woman of my dreams (divorce is a strong word, atm… It’s slow and I’m kinda just waiting to wake up alone one day). Still haven’t cried. I’m ruined.

  2. July 31rst. My beloved baby girl Bubbles crossed the rainbow bridge, and I am not in the least bit ashamed to say I shed a lot of tears that day. She brightened our lives for almost 15 years but was struggling the last couple with diabetes and kidney issues. She passed peacefully at home surrounded by a lot of family and love. I miss and think of that baby girl every day.

  3. About 15 or 16 years? I’ll be 29 at the end of the year, and the last time I cried was 6th grade, when I lost 2 grandfathers in about 5 months time.
    Ever since then, I’ve been practically incapable of feeling sad or crying.
    I’ve gotten close to crying a few times, like she’d a tear or two / screamed in agony for a moment, but like, crying and letting it out? Yeah, not since I was like, 11 or 12.

  4. I looked at my 2 year old and realised how quickly he’s growing up, and how much I am going to miss him being this little guy who desperately wants my love and affection.

    I’m excited to see him grow up obviously, but I still want to be able to pick him up and carry him around and get cuddles sitting on the couch.

    To people who aren’t parents that’s probably weird, and I was exactly the same before we had him. Now my view on almost everything is totally different.

  5. about a year back. I had a huge project about to launch which was gonna solve everything, I felt so content that I lit a cigarette (not a smoker)
    I finally felt I was gonna win life and that made me remember all the struggles and I cried.
    PS: the project failed

  6. Humiliation from failing a course. There’s only so much I can take, and there are good people depending on me to get back in the saddle.

    Anyone can tell me it’s not manly. I don’t associate with men– or women, for that matter. I got this far in life working my way around norms.

  7. September 5th. I just got back to my hostel after my Euro Contiki ended. I cried because I missed all the amazing people I met that I knew I’d likely never see again. I cried because for the first time in my shitty life that I actually lived. I didn’t want it to end. I miss them greatly. Back at home and life sucks again. I think partly I was afraid of returning to my life again.

  8. Embarrassingly to be honest a migraine, it was an extremely bad one and lasted just over 12 hrs and I was curled up in the fetal position in the shower because nothing else was working. Migraines can trigger powerful emotions in me and things had been pretty stressful in my life at the time.

  9. I cried yesterday at my desk when I got a “Happy Birthday Tony” text from a friend that reminded me it was my old boss/best friends birthday who passed away a few years ago.

  10. Eight years ago my grandfather took his last breath in front of me. He had fallen and broke a few ribs and then his lungs filled with fluid. I still remember his last gasp and hearing a popping noise I later found out was his rib bones grinding together.

  11. I recently saw a documentary called “Heroin(e)” and I shed tears of joy when I saw former addicts recover. I also cried before that because my dog began to show gray hairs.

  12. About a month ago when I did something that nearly ended my relationship with my girlfriend and I was in the shower crying because I thought my relationship was ending and I thought I was worthless, and I can’t make any thing last

  13. When my grandmother died. (2008)

    I’ve had many family deaths since then as well as serious injuries, and I get sad/moan in pain but to actually cry is now quite difficult. Sounds stereotypically macho but in all honesty it’s true.

    I’ll probably cry when my parents die.

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