[SERIOUS] Not including firearms, what is your weapon of choice during a potential home invasion?

[SERIOUS] Not including firearms, what is your weapon of choice during a potential home invasion?

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  1. Not looking to be incendiary. Seriously asking. I’m indifferent on guns, my spouse is flat out against. I have little kids so just looking to have something useful and thought out while we wait the 4 to 15 mins for help to arrive.

    Calling police is always step 1. After that, what do you use to keep your kids safe in the waiting period?

  2. Don’t know where you will be or what you will be doing during a home invasion. Literally anything around me that can be weaponized is my choice.

    Most important item is a cellphone. The faster you call the cops the faster you get help. Tip is to call the cops, give them your address, then put it on speaker and slide the phone into the middle of the room. Everything will be recorded for you.

  3. There is a such thing as a “tactical flashlight” which are basically incapacitating bright. You can can get them in gun-mounted or hand-held versions as well.

    It won’t hurt or kill someone, but a quick flash at night can surprise them long enough, or night vision impair/glare-blind them long enough to buy you some reaction time.

  4. Somebody mentioned a crossbow. There are quick-reloading options if you go that route.

    I prefer melee weapons, but it depends on your environment. Are the kids on the same side of the house as you? Are you defending a hallway, or an open floor plan? Long swords can reach somebody down a hall with no room to maneuver, but a short sword and shield would be better to slash with, as well as stab over the shield.

    Spears are good-ish. More popular because it was cheap and not a finesse weapon. I prefer a halberd.

    You can also get civilian-legal flashbang grenades, to stun somebody before closing distance.

    If you don’t want real weapons, Wasp spray has a helluva reach.

  5. knives
    baseball bats (nails optional)
    golf clubs
    harsh/strong spices
    pepper spray
    screaming like a lunatic while fighting like your life depends on it (because it probably does),
    insults, barbs and harsh language

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