[Serious] People who are pro-choice, at what point during pregnancy or fetal development do you draw the line on abortion and why?

[Serious] People who are pro-choice, at what point during pregnancy or fetal development do you draw the line on abortion and why?

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  1. I don’t have the medical knowledge or the knowledge of anyone’s individual medical situation to make that judgment call for them. I will say this – if abortion is later in a pregnancy is morally worse than it is early in a pregnancy, that’s all the more reason to make it easier, not harder to get. You should want abortions to happen earlier in the pregnancy and throw as few time-wasting obstacles in front of someone seeking one as possible.

  2. I think we need to clarify some terminology before we can answer this question. You often hear the phrase “late term” abortion. But it’s important to realize that this phrase only refers to abortions performed after 20 weeks. Remember, a typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. “Late term” abortions aren’t necessarily performed at 39 weeks, or even in the last trimester. It literally just means aborting in the second half of the pregnancy.

    According to [most recent data,](https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/abortion.htm) out of the more than 600,000 abortions performed in the US in 2019, 92.7% were performed 13 weeks into the pregnancy or earlier. A further 6.2% were performed between 13 and 20 weeks. That leaves just 1.1% as late term abortions.

    Nobody holds onto a fetus until 30 or even just 20 weeks and then aborts it simply because they don’t want to care for a baby or think they can’t do so responsibly. Late term abortions happen when an unspeakably horrible complication threatens the life of the baby and/or mother. These women most likely have already chosen a name, have possibly started buying baby clothes, and a crib. And then they’re forced to make one of the most difficult choices of their lives, whether or not to get an abortion.

    So to actually answer your question, it’s not my place to draw the line anywhere. I believe that it’s up to a woman and her doctor, and nobody else, to interpret where that line is drawn by the risks of the procedure.

  3. Many pro-choice people believe, that except in cases where the health of the mother is at risk, abortion should be an option until fetal viability which is give or take 22 or 23 weeks. Anti-abortion people have tried to paint all pro-choice people are supporting third trimester abortions and that is not true.

  4. abortion is a medical procedure, not a moral dog and pony show. the only people who should decide whether it’s appropriate are the patient and their doctor.

  5. Its not always that black and white. There are different genetic issues that don’t arise or can’t be detected until late in a pregnancy and if the fetus isn’t going to be viable or won’t have any quality of life what then? I’m pro choice and in my personal opinion if the fetus doesn’t have eyes, ears, heartbeat, a brain, then it’s not really a baby yet.

  6. Fetal viability, which is somewhere around 22-24 weeks. So, 22 weeks to be safe.

    The Swedish Abortion Act is based on science, instead of emotional arguments, which is the only way to go about it, imo. The right for an abortion is unconditional through the 18th week of pregnancy. After that, it needs to be applied for and granted by the national board of health and welfare and they cannot authorize an abortion after 21+6 weeks. *If* a pregnancy were to come to threaten the life of the mother, the pregnancy *can* be “disrupted” after 22 weeks, but at that point it’s no longer an abortion and they will try to save the baby if possible.

  7. ..This is such an interesting question. Because it’s honestly fucking true that a pregnancy is treated as wanted, or not based on the situation of the (potential) mother.

    That honestly ought to tell you that religious people are not arguing in good faith here – at all. I don’t know how far back into human history I need to go to prove to you that women are functionally invisible.

    But, I will tell you, it’s not a fake heart beat. Pregnancy, and birth is much more complicated than that. I would potentially draw the line at viability – but honestly – even then I genuinely would have to ask if you are willing to put a woman’s life over..anything.

  8. Viability. I think this is the only defensible compromise, because the only other places you could draw ANY line are conception and birth, neither of which is really that reasonable.

  9. I don’t for others. No matter what logical/understandable/reasonable line I draw, some woman somewhere is going to need an abortion after that. So I stick with what it means to be pro-choice and trust that individuals will do what’s best for them. They don’t need *my* line in the sand.

    Personally, I’ve never wanted children, so I had my abortion as quickly as possible. As soon as I learned I had been pregnant, I was on the phone with the clinic. I’m sterilized now, but I would never have waited a second longer than necessary for an abortion.

  10. Regular, steady brainwaves. I call this “brain life”. Brain death is when life ends, I think, so brain life is when it begins.

    About 20-22 weeks, I think?

  11. Honestly, I don’t care whenl. If the person carrying it is not going to give their child the love and attention it deserves, then is ending even a somewhat sentient fetus less cruel than the abuse they’ll suffer when born? It’s not my decision to make, it’s the pregnant person’s and the conversation they have with a doctor about it. That said, I think anyone would be hard pressed finding a person at seven or more months along who suddenly decides they don’t want a baby and an even harder time finding a physician who will perform the procedure. If we want fewer abortions, we need to focus on expansive sexual education and abundant and affordable contraceptive access as well as abortion access when the pregnancy is truly just a clump of cells.

  12. It’s quite simple.

    I cannot be forced to give blood. I cannot be forced to donate part of my liver (it would grow back). I cannot be forced to donate any part of my body, even if it would barely inconvenience me, to save someone’s life.

    Indeed, I cannot even be forced to donate part of my *corpse* to save someone’s life. I have to consent to it before I die otherwise my body cannot be used even though I am long since caring at that point.

    Why should living women have less say as to the disposition of their body than a dead woman? Why should a living woman have less rights than a dead one?

    Even if a fetus is 100% a person from day one **it doesn’t matter.** There is no circumstance where it is acceptable to force someone to sacrifice any part of their body, temporary or otherwise, whether you’re using your body or not, to save someone else’s life.

  13. shouldn’t this be answered by doctors?

    for what its worth, i think its a little fucked up if someone is aborting a healthy pregnancy at 8 and a half months for a terrible reason. i would judge that person and i wouldn’t want to be that person’s friend.

  14. Birth. Because. It’s no more stupid than picking any other arbitrary point of development. A baby is either born or it’s not. Still in the womb? Not born. Good as any and better than most of these cockamamie arguments.

  15. I don’t. That’s something that should be decided between a woman and her doctor, and people should stop trying to legally force other people to abide by their “morals”.

  16. A lot of ppl on reddit support pro-choice. I wonder how many also support the mandate on the covid vaccine. My body My choice right..or is there a “it’s not the same” response?

  17. any point in pregnancy. until its living outside the womb, abortion should be an option. there are lots of reasons, but i think the person carrying the fetus has more rights than the fetus and if it’s negatively impacting them they should be able to evict it.

  18. I think no one should be forced to have an abortion and no one should be forced to provide an abortion. As long as all parties involved agree it’s a good decision, what right do I have to differ from the vantage point of my armchair?

  19. I really believe that unless its my pregnancy then its not my business. Women have doctors to council them, they don’t need my opinion or anyone else’s.

  20. Wherever the mother does. If she was fine with carrying for 39 weeks but not with giving birth, I assume something weird happened and she knows better than I do.

    Fetus is dead — Fetus has anomalies that will cause a long painful pointless life — Birth will kill or maim the mother

    come immediately to mind.

  21. If the fetus is absolutely viable and can safely be removed from the uterus alive, I would have qualms about not doing that instead. That’s about it.

  22. Anyone can have an abortion at any time. If you put a limit on it, people will get hurt, regardless on when it happens. If someone for any reason needs an abortion they should be able to have it. End of story.

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