[Serious] People who don’t like their parents, what would you do differently with your own kids?

[Serious] People who don’t like their parents, what would you do differently with your own kids?

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  1. A lot. Growing up things such as being locked in a room or closet and being starved for a week at a time for punishment over something that never happened wasn’t uncommon for me amongst a lot of other shit.

    I plan to be very involved with my kids, and I already am with the first. Other one is on the way. I will never do any of the shit my mom put my siblings and I through. I will always make sure my kids know I love them and I will treat them the way I wanted so badly growing up. And I will do my damnest to make sure my kids have as good of a childhood as I can possibly give them

  2. My mom was a yeller. She had a hair-trigger temper and I was terrified of setting her off. And as if the yelling wasn’t bad enough, she’d insult me and curse at me.

    I will never yell at my daughter. My mom has seen the two of us together and has marveled at how patient and calm I am – even when my daughter (age 2.5) is being difficult or throwing a tantrum. I’ve promised that my daughter will never be frightened of me the way I was frightened of my own mother.

  3. Actually educate them and teach them critical thinking.

    No spanking, but make them actually understand what they’ve done wrong and what is the right thing to do.

    Raising them free from religion. It’s up to them to believe or not in deities.

    Expose them to lots of things to find out what they’re good at, so they will have a way better idea on what to do with their future career.

    I want them to have friends. I want them to get a girlfriend/boyfriend. I want them to live life, responsibly, of course.

    Don’t talk about them like they were things. They’re human beings. I know how hard is to listen to that.

    That is, IF I do have children. Which I don’t really want lmao, too much trouble and money. BUT. That might change in the future. IF it does, I’ll most certainly adopt a kid. Too much people in the world already and those kids really need someone they can rely on.

  4. Not be emotionally abusive and manipulative, not be an asshole to the mother of my children. Not burden my kid in his young teens with my marraige problems. Not try to make them my therapist, not tell them “you have a home, parents, and food how can you have problems” when my kid comes running to me needing emotional support. I would definitely not expect my kids to be there for me like a SO would. If my kid has mental health problems I would not start dropping bombs on him by saying stuff like “am I not doing a good job, am I a horrible parent” and make it about me

    In short I would not parentify my kid, I would not emotionally abuse them or manipulate them. I would make sure my kid knows he can come to me if he has a problem and I would go to the ends of the world to solve it. If my kid needs a hug he gets one. If he needs any kind of support he gets it. If he needs therapy he’ll get it.

  5. Not have children, because I don’t have any sort of healthy family model to go off of. I don’t even talk to my parents or siblings anymore. I have no way of raising a child properly.

  6. My kid is 11 and every single day I am presented with a new opportunity to be better than my parents were. Every day I’m given the choice to be a good mom and every day I make that choice. My parents never made that choice.

  7. Be there for them. Not choose anything like booze or drugs over them, not make promises i can’t keep, and most of all be there for them. Every game event and recital. Even if i don’t understand what’s going on still go.

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