[Serious] People who have cut other people out, what was the final nail in the coffin?

[Serious] People who have cut other people out, what was the final nail in the coffin?

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  1. My friend and her sister (who I didn’t know well at all) would poke at my body. I was developing an ED at the time so it wasn’t much help, either.

  2. Asking me to make breakfast for their friends on Christmas morning, at my house. Their friends that I had never met before…. Oh, and, I was supposed to buy the ingredients.

  3. I cut my biological dad completely off because he just didn’t try.

    When I was younger I cut contact with him because he didn’t believe me when I told him his new wife was abusing me and my sister. I petitioned for my parents’ custody agreement to be changed and everything to protect me and my sister. We didn’t see him again as minors.

    When we were adults he reached out to me and expressed regret at not being there for us and wanted to reconnect. We (me, sister, and him) met for dinner twice and then he just started not showing up. I stopped telling my sister we were even supposed to be meeting him because she was so disappointed that he flaked and just took her out myself, knowing he wouldn’t show. I told him after like the fifth time that he clearly didn’t care enough to even let us know he wasn’t gonna show so I wanted nothing to do with him. He replied in some apologetic way but I left him on read.

    Fast forward about six years. I got married and my husband has a lot of regrets about his estranged father dying before they could reconnect, so I reached out to my bio dad again. No plans were made to meet but we did chat occasionally. Until it became just me initiating conversation and him not ever reaching out to me first. I stopped sending him messages about five months after I got married. I’ve been married three years and haven’t heard from him even once since.

    I guess TLDR the final straw was me realizing I was always gonna put more effort in for a relationship that I didn’t need.

  4. My aunt, she got it into her head that she was owed 30,000 because she believes that my Nan paid for my Mum and dad’s wedding which she didn’t as it was a less than 3,000 service, and that my Nan paid for my uncle’s house, Nan helped with the deposit that he paid back, and that she was in great nans will which was written before any of them were born, she was calling my mum vile names calling her a thief, harassing my Nan, she would use scare tactics against my Nan the final nail was when she told my Nan that she was coming over with POS (who is her baby daddy who scares my Nan) we got a frantic call from Nan basically going please can someone come over it’s just me in the house and Aunt and POS are coming, three hours later aunt sends a text going just send a picture of the will to me and I won’t come over, which Nan did but it caused so much stress to my Nan that it was as if she aged 10 years. But yeah that was the final nail in the coffin

  5. My mother refused to try and follow along with what my therapist was advising me to do to help myself out of some unhealthy family dynamics and started to verbally abuse my wife when she tried to explain to my mother why it was important for things to change

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