[Serious] People with depression who have tried everything to get better but have not succeeded, how is life going?

[Serious] People with depression who have tried everything to get better but have not succeeded, how is life going?

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  1. I would say I’ve almost always been chronically depressed due to my childhood, but things are slowly seeming to get better, but so many nights I find myself sometimes just cuddling my comforter and crying myself to sleep, and so often I just wish I could smile but due to issues related to my teeth from childhood abuse I am honestly afraid to smile because I hate my teeth so much, and then I feel so lonely most of the rest of the time as honestly even when I told my family I was planning on killing myself they said nothing really as I was supposed to be the tough one. So honestly I just feel lonely and broken, and would love to see some form of ray of hope at some point.

  2. It comes and goes. My anxiety is worse than my depression these days. Life itself isn’t too bad, but I get overwhelmed a lot, I struggle to be normal, and I wish I didn’t feel suicidal as often as I do. I was feeling suicidal while driving home from work today. Just felt like I have no hope for the future.

  3. Lotta alcohol, weed, cigarettes, painkillers (opioids and non-opioids). Tried celexa that shit did NOT work and well now I’m here. Idk what’s going on anymore bruh, I’ve had kidney stones for two years in Canada, not even, fucking GTA Ontario like don’t we have good healthcare? Haven’t had sex in months even tho I got a gf, not cuz I don’t want too, bc I cant finish anymore. Work is grinding me to a pulp (cook) I’ve got plantar fasciitis in both my feet, carpal tunnel in both my wrists, I don’t even wanna know what’s going on with my hip, there’s this spot on my back next to my mid spine that’s harder than my dick has ever gotten and I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that.

    I’m 24 for reference. Not tryna flex or sound like oh “I’m the only one who knows pain” seriously. I can see it EVERYWHERE in almost EVERYONE. I used to wonder why people even fucked with the substances I’m currently addicted to, but I get it now.

    So Tl;dr, not that great, but AT LEAST I’m making money yk, food bank meat is 🤢 never gonna forget tryna pick thru spoiled discounted organic chicken legs for whatever protein i could scavenge. I’m trying my best to get better every day, even writing this post has been a little relieving, I mean I haven’t self harmed in months; not counting addictions and my lack of care for myself at work ofc but styll.

    If anyone gets anything from this, just don’t quit. There’s a song called ‘Perfect Ten’ by Mustard feat. Nipsey Hussle (RIP 🙏😥), give that a listen, ESPECIALLY the first ~2.5 mins.

  4. The depressive episodes haven’t been too bad the last decade, nothing too scary. Still don’t feel good about my life though, happy days are a sacred gift for me. I developed panic disorder 4-5 years ago. Motivation is shit. Sometimes hard to tell what you are really feeling until things in your life really start to fall apart.

  5. Horribly. More because of my current situation than the depression itself, but being constantly reminded of how trapped I am in said situation or howI will never get the help I need in regards to any aspect of my suffering doesn’t help it much. And, of course, being in such a state doesn’t do wonders for my health either, which worsens my situation, and the cycle continues. In all honesty, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep doing this shit.

  6. My treatment for depression has been exhaustive. But after all these years, I’m still the same dysfunctional person that hates themselves. I’ve given up on trying to get better, I’m not even sure if I was ever even trying in the first place… I’d end it all early, but ya know, death is scary… maybe one day. I hope.

  7. Horribly. I’ve tried everything except ECT, and that terrifies me. My depression and BPD destroyed my marriage. Multiple suicide attempts. Just got out of jail fighting a serious charge. Currently homeless and living in a shelter. Life is a shit hole right now and I want to give up.

  8. My depression comes and goes in cycles. When I am feeling ok, life is good. When I am not feeling ok. . .I just need to be a ball for awhile. I cant function. This is just life I guess. I have to remind myself on down days that it will get better. Ill have a happy cycle again soon.

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