[Serious] Question to American redditors, what happens if you have a serious accident and unconsciously stay in hospital for days and when you wake up you’re charged amount of money that you cannot afford?

[Serious] Question to American redditors, what happens if you have a serious accident and unconsciously stay in hospital for days and when you wake up you’re charged amount of money that you cannot afford?

What do you think?

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  1. I say, “Well, thank you doctors,nurses and staff for doing everything you could for me.” Then you leave knowing you’ll never be able to pay them

  2. 1. You make payments
    2. You ingore payments resulting in liens against you and creditors annoying you
    3. Fake your death and move to a country that doesn’t have extradition treaty with the US

  3. Chances are, you have insurance – whether it be your own (from work or bought privately or through Obamacare), or publicly (Medicaid for the poor, Medicare for the elderly).

    Since it is a long stay, it will hit your maximum, which is about $6K for most private – if you have a maximum. If you don’t have insurance, you negotiate it down since they tend to overcharge 5X the amount. If the amount you negotiated is too steep, or if the $6K or after insurance price is too much, you can setup a payment plan that fits your salary.

    Not all perfect obviously, sometimes, if you have terrible insurance, and the emergency care provides a doctor outside your network, you can be charged the full amount. And there are also a lot of bureaucratic stuff and denials. In these cases, you end up with medical debt and if you can’t pay, you may have to declare bankruptcy.

  4. Depends on what state you live in and what, if any, health insurance you have. Most likely if you can’t afford it at the time you’ll just be expected to make monthly payments on it. I’m making monthly payments on multiple test/operations that ended up being more expensive than I thought.

  5. I set up a payment plan and pay however much I can every month and hope for the best. Isn’t the best scenario but depending on exactly how much it is its manageable. Granted it shouldn’t be like this.

  6. If your income is low enough, get in touch with the hospital billing department and see if they will let you apply for a reduction. Hospitals are often looking for huge payouts from private insurance and Medicare, so if you don’t have either of those things, bigger hospitals may be less willing to fight you all the way for your bill. You have to be careful, though, as some specialties like anaesthesiology aren’t on the hospital’s bill, and they will likely bill you separately.

  7. Typically you dont pay it. The vast majority of medical debt is never collected. Healthcare for them and everyone else is paid for by the grossly inflated costs everyone else coughs up. That’s what drives me nuts, we basically do have universal healthcare. But instead of just building a proper socialized system we pay a shitload of money in a system controlled by insurance companies, while not getting the benefits of no charge preventative healthcare, low medication prices, etc. It’s madness.

  8. Any hospital I’ve been to has a financial aid department. I’ve applied for relief as low as $1,000 (which is a lot of money in my opinion) and they took care of it. Not everyone qualifies, so unfortunately there are tons of people with huge amounts of medical debt.

  9. First it goes to your insurance and they talk to to hospital and negotiate down the bill. If you can’t afford the remaining due after your insurance , You talk to the hospital about this issue , they will adjust the amount due. If you still can’t afford the amount due you can declare medical bankruptcy.

    We got insurance to cover those costs

  10. You go into “collections” with the Hospital system: they sell the debt to a ‘collection agency’ that sends threatening letters and actively destroys your Credit Rating. It reallllly sucks.

  11. Sometimes you qualify for catastrophic coverage from Medicaid. I had that happen before Obamacare made it possible for me (married F with disabled husband and grown son) to get medical help. I felt I was being penalized for working, I “made too much money” to get help when I was working 10 hrs a week at minimum wage.

    Got an infection that put me in hospital for 3 days. Hospital helped me apply for medical assistance. The bastards just wanted to get paid. That got me 90 days of coverage including the month I went in hospital to cover follow-up and meds I needed. After that it was so sorry you still make too much

  12. Yes, and your insurance is more like a cell phone plan, its not good everywhere, so if your out cold they may bring you to a hospital thats not under your coverage without your consent sometimes on purpose because fuck you thats why. Living isn’t a right in America unless your wealthy, choose the finger you want to keep mr poor old corn farmer who got his hand caught in a peice of farming machinery. Your expensive mandatory insurance allows us to save 1 finger of your choice despite the ability to save them all because profit. Be grateful we have the best medical in the modern world your one remaining finger allows you to still go fuck yourself 👍. Come back soon.

  13. Simple you end up homeless or worse and IF you don’t then you are jumping through a bunch of hoops like some sort of circus animal until you end up in the hospital AGAIN…

    N. Shadows

  14. Well, I have a high deductible, but my health insurance covers everything beyond that.

    If you didn’t have insurance, though? Probably bankruptcy would be an option. I don’t know, man, if it were me? I’d probably just kill myself at that point.

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