Serious question: What law would have prevented the Uvalde shooting tragedy? He had no mental illness history, was of legal age, and legally purchased the firearms. Is there any proposed law that would have prevented it?

Serious question: What law would have prevented the Uvalde shooting tragedy? He had no mental illness history, was of legal age, and legally purchased the firearms. Is there any proposed law that would have prevented it?

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  1. just because he didn’t have a documented history doesn’t mean he didn’t have mental health issues. from what I’ve read (which hasn’t been that much), it sounds like he might’ve had some unchecked issues. kids like that slip through the cracks all the time

  2. These sort of questions often sound to me like someone suggesting that if something isn’t 100% effective, then it may as well be ineffective.

    Murder is illegal, and people commit murder. It doesn’t mean we don’t put things in place to get as close to zero as we can.

  3. Well let’s say that There are many countries without school shootings. Maybe if we look at those we can find some interesting laws and healthcare systems that might be of use

  4. He had no mental illness history”


    What? He apparently stuttered was bullied and in the past abused animals and shared it on social media.

  5. This isn’t rocket science. Dozens of countries have laws around gun ownership that work. Look outside of the US and you’ll see what they do and that it works. Also, I’m not going to spend the day arguing with people, so I probably won’t be responding to replies. If you don’t like what I have to say, you’re probably a big part of the problem 🙃.

    Moving the legal age up to 25 (you can’t rent a car until you’re 25, also your brain isn’t finished developing until you’re around 25, with reasoning and impulse control developing last).

    No open or concealed carry. If a cop sees a dude walking around with a gun, he can arrest him before he hurts someone (see incident in Colorado where a guy was roaming around a park with a rifle, was reported to the police by multiple witnesses, but they couldn’t do anything because he wasn’t breaking the law until he shot a bunch of people).

    Mental health evaluations by trained professional as well as two personal references from friends or family vouching for you (see New Zealand). Just because the person doesn’t have a history, doesn’t mean they are mentally sound. A quick mental health evaluation prior to getting a license to purchase will cut out a lot of people who have no business owning guns.

    Minimum of six months of professional training before you can own a gun privately. Ban AR-15s AK-47s etc. They have zero practical use for private citizens. Gun ranges can keep some on hand to be used ONLY on site for those who feel the need to shoot up a bunch of shit.

    Strict storage laws. All guns must be stored unloaded in a gun safe with bullets stored in a separate locked, location. If someone uses your gun to commit a crime, you get to go to jail too. Because if your gun is properly stored, it won’t get stolen. This is a common practice in many countries. Also guns must stored properly when being transported. Not in your glove box or under the front seat.

    These are a few simple things we could inact that would drastically reduce gun violence in the US and it in no way infringes on your rights to own a gun because with rights come responsibilities and if you can’t be responsible, then your rights are revoked, ie felons are not allowed to vote.


  6. No recorded mental health history, it’s extraordinarily unlikely he just woke up and decided murdering his grandmother and children was his plan.

    Quite litterally, the school should have been secured with a requirement to buzz in prior to entry. Additionally, the police should have responded to the alerts they were getting several hours before he killed those kids. They would not have saved his grandmother but this tragedy would have been greatly diminished.

    The supreme court has unfortunately determined that police have no duty to protect the public, that is also a problem.

  7. Mk-47 was made for only military. Republicans and NRA lobbiest changed the law so anyone can buy them. They say use it for hunting.
    Most people that hunt, wild boars, Bears and deer use regular rifles.
    Think about it, would you eat a animal with a hundred bullets or one clean shot?

  8. Some sort of law preventing the media from turning all of history’s mass shooters into legends. I sincierly doubt he would have had the idea to go shoot up an elementary school if we didn’t make the sandy hook shooter into someone these crazy fucks can aspire to be.

  9. ban on firearms until you’re 21 and up and have both a gun licence and hunting licence, then only non-automatic hunting rifles be available for use

    if you don’t need a firearm for hunting or work, you don’t need a firearm

  10. If all military style semi-auto weapons were illegal, then I believe less people would try this type of assault with just hand guns and long hunting rifles.

  11. No private citizen needs an assault rifle.

    However, the laws we need to enact need to make it more and more difficult to do this. You can’t give up just because one law won’t stop every horrific act.

    Do you quit trying every time you fail?

  12. While not a law, the SCOTUS ruling in the *District of Columbia vs. Heller* absolutely contributed to how we got to where we are today. That’s the ruling that essentially separated owning firearms from any militia requirements, specifically granting access to guns for the purpose of self defense, as a lawful activity protected by the 2A.

    That’s the kicker. If a gun could be used for self defense, it basically gets a green light, with a few noteworthy exceptions. This is what led to the situation where we’re flooded with guns. We’re the only country in the world where guns outnumber people, and this ruling helped make it possible. The number of guns increases access to guns which increases the possibility of someone having a gun who shouldn’t.

    So if we want to talk about laws and policies, the biggest step would be to either clarify what Scalia means in his majority *DC v. H eller* opinion where he says “2A is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.” That could be new gun control laws in Blue States that challenge the lack of legal clarity of “dangerous and unusual weapons.”

    A very similar argument for high capacity mags. They’re already here, so limiting them doesn’t keep them out of the hands of bad actors as soon as a bill is signed into law. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go ahead and do the smart thing by limiting the equipment that turn lethal weaponry into **extremely effective** lethal weaponry.

  13. If there was a law against civilians owning weapons that could wipe out entire classrooms in a few seconds there wouldn’t be a classroom of kids dead. Might not have prevented a shooting entirely but we’re at the point in this country where one or two dead kids is the better outcome.

  14. No mental illness history. Just because it isn’t diagnosed and record doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a history of mental illness. When you live in a country where a lot of people can’t even afford a doctor’s visit for a sick note…

    18 being legal age for a long barrel is literal insanity. You don’t even trust them with a beer for another 3 years…

    Legally purchased the firearms. This is really step 1. An 18 year old kid shouldn’t be able to purchase guns. Most adults shouldn’t be able to. And those that could should adhere to laws and checks actual civilized countries have. Safe storage, training, no fucking OPEN CARRY for fuck’s sake.

    We see this shit happening and it’s so goddamn obvious how fucked up your country is. But hey, wave a tiny flag and lie to yourself.

  15. The US is such a shithole country, and most people there don’t even recognize it as such. There is absolutely no reason why selling assault rifles to ANYONE should be legal. Look at any other developed country, and just copy their gun laws. That should take care of most symptoms, aka shootings.

    Additionally you would need to fix your general mess of health care and social security systems to reduce the situations in which a mass shooting seems like a “good idea”.

  16. America is still bizzare to me with their arbitrary, context dependent definitions of an “adult”. It’s simple, if you can’t buy alcohol, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun either.

    Also, side note, everyone wanting to purchase a firearm should be required to go through a mandatory psych eval, a decent justification for why they want to purchase the gun that goes beyond “becuz muh freedomz” and an extensive background check.

  17. I can think of various solutions. For example one could reduce the years kids have to spend in school trapped together with other children by having them be allowed to graduate and have their own job at age 14 or something.

    Then they’d be working adults earlier and wouldn’t have the time for a shooting anymore. Also, if they hate their place of work they can just quit and work somewhere else instead of being forced to go to school which they hate.

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