[Serious] Reddit, what’s the creepiest scariest encounter you or someone you know had?

[Serious] Reddit, what’s the creepiest scariest encounter you or someone you know had?

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  1. Lived in a trailer park for a couple of years and one night I was sitting up in bed facing the window watching TV on my phone. I happened to look up as I saw a shadow walking between mine and my neighbors yard. It was really late at night and knew no one would be outside at that time. I texted my neighbor telling her about it and asked if she had seen anything.

    A few nights later me and couple of neighborhood women are walking down the little road in the trailer park when we started to hear twigs and branches being snapped. It stopped when we stopped walking and continued if we took a step. Since it was dark and across the road we couldn’t see what it was. Freaked us out a little bit.

    Then things got weird, stuff outside would go missing and on some nights a fire could be seen across the road and the creek near a big cave on the mountain side. Whenever someone would loudly say they see a fire within minutes the fire would be out. We all thought a hobo was living in the cave and that possibly was harmless.

    But that changed when two guys were walking the trailer park late at night and came across a man trying to break in my windows. From what the guys told the police this strange man was standing outside my kids bedroom window trying to lift it up when they screamed at him and he took off running for the mountain.

    Police searched around the trailer park and under a few trailers where they found a makeshift bed a bucket and a flashlight under my neighbors trailer.

  2. I was running late to work one day early morning around 7, I was driving down the highway to get to the interstate when I noticed a kid maybe 4 years old trying to ride his bike down the hill. I thought that’s weird but not my problem i cant afford to be late again someone else will help, as i drove past I got this feeling in my gut that said ‘turn the fuck around’
    I turn around and I park a few feet ahead of him to meet him in the middle, I ask him what he’s doing and if his parents know where he is.
    Naturally he’s concerned and I tell him I’m not going to take him and I just want to make sure he’s safe and I’m going to call the cops. I get his name and that he lives up the street in the rich area. Found out he was trying to go to the McDonald’s down the hill.
    After I’ve called the cops another car pulls up, a couple gets out and they are clearly tweakers who live in the trailer park which is no where near where this kid lives (they have missing teeth and just look like their life has been nothing but poor decisions) The woman tries to act like she knows him and where he lives when I ask her what his name is and where they live she doesn’t tell me because ‘I could be trying to take him’ I tell her no and that I’ve called the cops. She continues to try and push for them to take him home even attempting to pick him up.
    I take out my pepper spray and say ‘back the fuck up. You didn’t give me a name or where he lives you are not taking him anywhere.’ I’m shaking and terrified having this child cling to my leg at this point. Unsure if I just brought pepper spray to gun fight.
    The woman backs up, says she’ll wait for the cops- the guy with her is clearly uncomfortable and looks like he wants to get out of there. They waited till the cops came and naturally as I was talking to an officer for some reason they let her pick him up- the boy looked incredibly uncomfortable in her arms. I told the officer I didn’t think they had good intentions and they were trying to take him before the cops got there. I didn’t hear anything more aside from a call that he got home safe. To this day I am 99% sure that I stopped a child from going missing. I hope the kid is still good and hopefully learned to go to McDonald’s with his parents and not on his own.
    From that day I learned to always trust my gut and to never fall for the ‘someone else will help’ mind set.

  3. It was either during 5th or 7th grade. I was over at my friend’s house and we ended up exploring a recently cleared development with his parent’s golf cart (no homes, just a bunch of roads with plumbing stacks coming out of the ground for future homes). We ended up driving past the back of the development where tall trees still stood along with some older homes. We noticed this guy in a truck driving back and forth just outside his garage. We thought that was a little strange so we kept going. On our way back about 20 minutes later the guy was still at it back and forth in his truck.

    We were like what the hell is this guy doing? So we stopped and tried to see what he was doing. There wasn’t anything in his paved driveway. And after 5 minutes we just got creeped out and left. While we were driving out of the development the guy passed us which scared the hell out of us. Then a minute later he passed us again. He then began tailing us as we left the development. We finally got back to my friend’s house and went inside. The guy slowed down, nearly stopping right outside my friend’s driveway. We told his parents and they seemed very concerned.

    My mom picked me up shortly after which was unrelated to what we had experienced (i.e. I didn’t call her to pick me up sooner). I asked my friend about it the next time I saw him at school. Turns out the creepy guy had passed by his house and slowed down multiple times throughout the day after I had left. Still don’t know what was up with that guy or how he knew we had seen him.

  4. I was walking home with the dog one night around 7,8 o’clock it was the summer so it gets dark later than usual.
    I took the normal route I go on which is an open countryside park just in front of my house however on this day nobody was in the park as far as I was aware of and this is usually quite a big public place during the summer.
    Anyways, I got 10 minutes into the walk on our route heading towards the fields so I could throw the ball and my dog automatically stops in his traces and begins growling at absolutely nothing (he’s never done this before and has never growled outside especially when there was nothing there).
    I tried pulling him with the lead because I knew it gets dark sometime around that time as the sun was beginning to set and there’s no street lighting so once it’s dark it’s dark.
    He wouldn’t pull away from whatever he was growling at and finally when i did get him to snap out of it he was walking and growling at something behind us.
    At this point in time I took my phone out and began recording it because I had such a creepy vibe as he was beginning to scare me.

    We continued our walk one we got away from where we were however I didn’t stay long as it completely creeped me out so about 10 minutes later we decided to head back home, during the walk home again I had seen absolutely no one in the park and I was around 5 minutes from my house and my dog just seems to enjoy himself by smelling things more than actually walking so I stopped and let him sniff and for some reason my eyes were locked onto this darker patch of the woods that looked darker than any other patch of the woods (it was an open woods so trees everywhere and with the sun setting it gets darker but for some reason my eyes were just locked to this one bit of the woods) and the more I just stared at it the more I thought nothing of it… until, before pulling the dog back to continue our walk home all of a sudden this shadow of a silhouette slowly turns around and heads back into the pitch black woods…. So I’ve been staring at some person in the middle of the woods staring at me and then proceeds to head back in.
    This FREAKED me out and I have never ran home so fast in my life I got home 30s seconds later and bolted it out of the park as it was pitch black already.
    I had actually taken a video of my dog just sniffing as I was changing music and actually realised when I got home that I had taken a picture of whatever it was that was there and it was just a fully black silhouette in the background that I had no idea was even there.
    You can fully see legs and some eyes but it’s hard to make out apart from the body not only because of how dark it was in that section but because I was also far away and had no idea anyone was even there to begin with.

    A backstory to the woods that I thought would be interesting to share is a lot of people have actually hung themselves in the those woods which is interesting because it’s such a small community, I’ve seen plenty of body bags being dragged from those woods so whether it was something spiritual or someone just being creepy I will never know.

    There’s been known for this man to be stalking women in woods and sexually harassing them further down into the woods where there is a public lake and has recently been arrested for harassing women but I have no idea who or what was in those woods that night but I was not sticking round to figure out what it was for my own safety.

  5. One time i was walking alone at night, a 14 yr at old in during the summer time, at around 12 am. i had that weird ‘someone’s looking at me’ feeling and heard a bush move behind me. i was just coming back from a friends house and she claimed she heard or saw someone outside while we were on her porch. when i remembered that not a minute after i heard that sound, i booked it home, i didn’t look back, i just ran straight home. i doubt it was anything, probably just paranoia but it was terrifying at the moment.

  6. I’ve written about this on Reddit before, but when I was about 8, I was deep in the woods at my uncle’s house. The parents went out and the 5 kids (4-14) stayed home. We were playing a hide and seek game in the house with no lights on. There weren’t street lights or anything, so you couldn’t see anything at all.

    Base was in the living room and I hid in the living room, so I could quickly get to base. My brother (11) was “it”. He was doing his countdown and I was hiding just a couple of feet from him when a lightening strike drew our attention to the window. We were both shocked to see the outline of a man at the window trying to see in. We started whispering and on the next lightning strike, the guy was starting to walk to the front door. My brother (Ben) quickly ran to lock the front door (I know, I know…but it was a different time and place) and got there right before the guy started shaking the handle. Ben started flipping on the lights (presumably so the guy would know people were home and he’d leave) and he yelled for me to lock the other doors. I ran and locked the kitchen door and then to the sliding glass door at the back of the house. As I was locking that door, the guy was suddenly there – standing there on the other side of the glass. I was frozen, but Ben calmly told me to close the curtain and I focused on his voice and did what he said.

    My uncle has guns, but his son was gone on a hunting trip, so all we could find was a BB gun that looked like a real rifle. Ben stepped out on the porch with it to try to make the guy believe we were armed. They constantly had phone issues (this is going WAY back, but they had a party line) and we couldn’t get the phone to work to make a call. We were trying to call someone on my uncle’s CB radio, but weren’t getting anyone.

    Eventually, an older cousin – who was only like 15 himself – showed up and we thought an adult was there and we had been saved. That calmed us down and we went back to normal, I guess. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a creepier moment than looking up at window and seeing someone on the other side though.

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