[Serious] Russians of Reddit who don’t currently live in Russia, how differently have people treated you (if at all) since the war in Ukraine?

[Serious] Russians of Reddit who don’t currently live in Russia, how differently have people treated you (if at all) since the war in Ukraine?

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  1. I have an old friend who is Russian. She was born in St. Petersburg but her entire extended family came to the US when she was very young and has been here for more than 30 years. She has gotten sideways glances and muttered comments at stores, restaurants, and bars when showing her credit card or introducing herself to people (her name is definitely Russian). Acquaintances have become more distant. It’s sad. All of her extended family are American citizens and have been for decades.

  2. Like shit. I left because of this fucking lunatic and this fuck still manages to affect me 2000 miles away.

    Thankfully my friends are still friends and new connections are not avoided because this is eastern Europe and my last name is universal. But definitely people avoid eye contact when I speak Russian to my mother.

    Ironically my family tree is a fucking Soviet carousel so I have Tajik, Ukrainians, Russians, Jews and other peoples in there because a few lines are unknown.

  3. People need to understand that the Russian people aren’t to blame.

    However just like sanctions during racial segregation in South Africa- it crippled the economy in order to drive out the real threat.(Oppressors).

    To this day South Africa’s economy still recovers due to these sanctions- But South Africans don’t despise the world because of it- nor does the world despise South Africans.

    So I do not see why Russian people are treated unjustly because of their leaders actions.

    People like to point fingers.

  4. Not only is it not their fault, they could disappear for even suggesting a hint of opposition to Putin or “the operation” (they’re not allowed to call it a war or invasion). Read the stories of these 18, 19 year old Russian soldiers who are shot dead outside of Kyiv and the Ukrainian military finds text messages of them telling their mothers they don’t understand why they’re being shot at or where they are. And sure some have drank the Putin tea, the Russian military is committing horrible horrible atrocities in Ukraine. But the public, especially the ones who have been lucky enough to get out before the shutdowns, they’re not to blame.

  5. I’m partly Russian and in school, whenever that topic comes up, some people go “oh but you’re for Putin” (which i am not, i even donated my pocket-money to help ukranians).

    However, in the entirety of Germany, politicians even had to criticize people who hate on innocent people with russian ancestry who live in germany for several years, just because they are russian, despite not having any influence on what happens in Russia.

  6. I meant to say a YouTuber named tsar that used to live in Russia but doesn’t anymore but he hate when people talk about it. But he is pro Ukraine

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