[Serious] Teachers who have had students commit suicide, what was your reaction and how did you cope?

[Serious] Teachers who have had students commit suicide, what was your reaction and how did you cope?

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  1. A related question (sorry I’m not answering the question) is: how is a student’s suicide dealt with these days? I was in high school in the 80s and a kid committed suicide. He had a twin brother too. No one ever talked about it openly, no teacher ever said a word about it, just word got around by whispered rumor. I wasn’t close to his twin but in classrooms it was just an awkward absence that no one ever mentioned.

  2. This happened in a graduate class I was teaching in the UK. It is a very prestigious and quite difficult to get in, stay in, and graduate from. It wasn’t as competitive as some other Universities and degree program. For the late 80’s / early 90’s, the school really had their ducks in a row. There were added hours for counseling… religious, non-religious… you name it, they had it. It’s been a while, but I think they offered students that were friends or in the same class a ‘no questions asked’ medical leave. My PhD, at that point, had been completed and accepted. All that I had to do was complete the argument phase.

    I had to have at least one counseling session if I remember correctly.

    It was pretty difficult. The class was *maybe* six students, so they kept a careful eye on everyone in the class and other classes. They did do an investigation (it might have been the police actually) and it was unfortunate, but no one thing went wrong. It was as if everything that held him together became untied at once.

  3. You fall apart, you process it in therapy. You keep doing your job and have compassion for the kids that are there.

    That has been my experience anyway. Multiple kids over a decade. It was a school for high risk kids.

    Edit: dm me if you need to talk about it

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