(Serious) What do you think of guys who don’t go down on girls?

(Serious) What do you think of guys who don’t go down on girls?

What do you think?


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  1. That’s okay with me, but I’m not going down on them either. I’d be fine with it as long as we were on the same page.

    He wants his dick sucked but doesn’t want to go down on me? Lol BYE

  2. People can have their preferences but in men, this preference often comes from selfishness and immaturity. A lot of dudes think that a vagina is nasty while thinking that their dick is the centre of a woman’s world and that’s why they won’t go down on their partners. Of course it can be a completely innocent preference but don’t expect to receive if you refuse to give.

  3. In my entire relationship with my ex he only went down for once and only love his dick being sucked it’s one of the reasons I dump him idk what’s his reasons for not doing it I’m pretty sure I’m hygienic and always make sure to smells nice, my second bf after him loves going down on me so it was his problem I’d figured it out at the end.

  4. I don’t have a horse in this race, but I did date men once upon a time so I guess I can comment?

    Men who won’t go down on women but also don’t expect blow jobs? They’re fine. Not everyone’s into oral and that’s valid.

    Men who won’t go down on women but DO want blow jobs? That’s kind of scummy. You gotta be willing to please as well as be pleased. It’d be one thing if they were willing to lend a hand, so to speak, but hand jobs and tongue jobs are very different sensations even for women.

  5. In my experience, they usually have a porn problem and/or a bit sexist. As in their drive for any sexual encounters is usually all about them. Another is not knowing what to do and too insecure to learn. I’m not counting those who genuinely don’t like it, I’m talking ones who show a clear attitude of preference for male pleasure, (even tho some guys do get pleasure out of it. I’d almost forgotten that they exist).

  6. Honestly, that’s their preference but I’d not give them oral either and I doubt the relationship would last long because penetrative sex is not enough to get most women off, myself included.

    It would also raise a few red flags regarding whether they use a lot of porn/have sexist double standards / find women’s vulvas unattractive. I’d personally want a man who savoured every part of me and made my legs shake in bed.

  7. I was a guy’s first (I’d been with a sex worker once before him, but that’s another story), and he was uncomfortable/afraid with doing anything other than penetration. I was too understanding. At the start of our sort of fwb thing I told him I had a lot of trouble masturbating without toys, so seeing as I didn’t even know what I liked I didn’t want him to feel pressure if what he did didn’t work. But he took it as leave to just not try anything, and I didn’t come a single time in all the months we were together. It taught me to be more selfish, and that understanding (to a point) doesn’t have to mean you accept it

  8. It’s a big rejection actually. And I don’t think I would like a relationship with a guy who doesn’t like all of me. It would make me feel insecure an rejected. I wouldn’t push anyone to do it. But if a guy tells me he doesn’t like me down there, I can’t get that intimate with him.

  9. I would go down on woman any chance I can. I love it. It’s a pleasing thing but also a control thing. If I can make this woman cum, squirt, or whatever just by sucking on her…I feel empowered.

    I dont need any reciprocation either. And even better if I can do it after I creqmpie with my defective sperm

  10. Doesn’t matter, communication is key and I’d be glad if he was being honest. I also don’t like certain things. Noones getting forced and everyone should only be doing what they are comfortable with

  11. I’m a guy, I haven’t been in any relationship but I have read like 2-3 eBooks about cunilingus and female anatomy, I don’t know what will happen when I will apply my theoretical knowledge practically. I thought i should read and understand, mechanism so that I wouldn’t hurt the person in anyway.

    PS: if I have come across as a brag I apologize, I thought i should gain some knowledge on that subject.

  12. This isn’t a black and white issue, it is rather nuanced with different possibilities for each individual in any relationship. The key is that both (or all) parties are on the same page so that no one is left feeling unfulfilled or viewed as selfish.

  13. Depends, is he just sensitive to taste/smell or does he just thinks badly abt women ?
    I myself am very sensitive abt taste and smell so I’d understand but if it’s just bc « real dudes don’t go down on their gf » then instant bye

  14. I was with that kind of guy. Straight up told him I wouldn’t go down on him either. Yet everytime we were together, he asked me to do so. We’re not together anymore.

    Shame because I actually like both, giving and receiving.

  15. It’s fine, there’s someone for everyone, if a guy doesn’t want to go down on a woman I’m sure there are women who will be ok with that. Nobody is entitled to anything in a relationship. For me personally it would be a deal-breaker though, so it’s good to be upfront about certain things to avoid later disappointments and problems in the relationship.

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