[Serious] What have you heard a parent say about (raising) their child, that you knew would unravel into problems in the household later down the road? Were you right?

[Serious] What have you heard a parent say about (raising) their child, that you knew would unravel into problems in the household later down the road? Were you right?

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  1. I have a lot of friends from high school who went on to become single mothers (drug addiction and crime are very big problems where I live) and many of them will post the same sorts of things on social media:

    “God gave me a son so I could know what it’s like to have a man love me”

    “When my son grows up he will know how to treat a woman right!”

    “My son is the reason I’m alive today”

    It is not your child’s responsibility to make you feel loved or worthy or happy. It is not your son’s responsibility to replace your deadbeat baby daddy as the man of the house. Your son does not need to grow up constantly hearing how he needs to treat women with respect simply because his father is a deadbeat. Obviously he should treat everyone with respect, but don’t make him believe he’s some monster who needs to avoid becoming like his father.

    I hate moms who do this. It’s childish and it hurts your kid in the long-run.

  2. I got to a school that has a pretty big emphasis on athletics and some of the boys on the football team at my school have had everything handed to them their whole life because they’re good at sports. Teachers are expected to be more lenient with them because they’ve supposedly been working so hard to get us to the championships. We have posters up around the school with all the seniors on the football team displayed as if it were some sort of professional football promotional poster.

    While all the other sports teams take a normal school bus to their games, the varsity football team gets a charter bus with cupholders and tinted windows and bathrooms.

    Some of the guys on the team are nice and well adjusted, but that’s not the norm. They’ve been told they’re the shit by parents and teachers their whole lives. But highschool isn’t forever. For most of them, football is not going to be their ticket to glory. They’re going to have to learn what it means to live like the rest of us.

  3. “You can be anything you want. Dream big.”

    Kid wanted to be a reconstructive surgeon. Was and is very nice but dumb as a rock. Tens of thousands of college tuition dollars later, she’s a waitress.

  4. Haven’t seen it completely play out but they think it is cute and funny that their youngest daughter hits, kicks and fights her other siblings. Sometimes it is funny but it isn’t something I would laugh in front of them about or encourage at all. I believe it’s going to turn her into a bully and the other kids are going to have resentment towards her and their parents.

  5. EX-FRIEND: My son knows what I expect of him because that’s how I’ve trained him.

    ME: Trained? …like a dog?

    EX-FRIEND: You don’t understand, SpringtimeMoonlight, you don’t have kids. (person knew I had recently found out I was infertile, but I’m also a child therapist who had ten years in the field around that time)

  6. My niece was on serious medication when she was a child. The medication led her to be on the chubbier end of the healthy weight scale, not obese or anything. Just a little chubby. My sister (her mother) was adamant about her not gaining any weight.

    When I visited my niece came home from school, exhausted and starving. She inhaled her first plate and as she wanted to grab a second plate my sister went “Don’t eat so much, otherwise you’ll get fat and nobody will love you anymore!”

    5 years later we have a 12 year old stuck in the psychic ward due to severe anorexia, bulimia and suicidal thoughts.

    Who would’ve thought…

  7. My dad had this idea that if we feared him, we respected him. Now, I understand how one would think that.. there are many things I refrained from doing growing up, simply out of fear of repercussions with him.

    On the flip side, there are many more instances where I was harshly punished for things that didn’t really warrant being hit with a belt, or grounded and isolated for weeks on end.

    I’m 31 now and we have a relationship, albeit a strained one. I still flinch when he raises his voice but I’ve found my own as well. All I know is that I’d never treat a child the way he raised me.

  8. I’ll keep it short-ish

    Parent refuses to discipline child for stealing from and bullying other children, myself included, as their child should get everything they want and refuses to let society limit them. Even as a child I knew they’d be a POS all their life.

    Child “grows up” became a “carer” and is now in prison for emptying several OAPs bank accounts.

    Apparently, and this part is just hearsay, they are recorded as saying that “I deserve the money, I had to wipe their asses”.

  9. I had a boss that wouldn’t let his child use the phone to text or call unless a parent was there to listen or read what he was saying. I asked him how old his kid was, thinking it was like 7 or 8 or something. Nope. The kid was 16. He was apparently permanently grounded because of phone use infractions through the 2 years I worked for the guy. I’m pretty sure that messed that kid up and he probably cut loose at college in some really destructive ways (if he was even allowed to go).

  10. I created this question for my own validity. My father used to have a phrase that he would boast to other family friends when we went grocery shopping or about, I think in order to show that he’s an “alpha male” with a “perfect child”. Anyways, it went like this.

    “I give her 2 spankings every day. One for being good, and one for being bad.” And he did, until I was about 16. My mother died at 8. I had no idea what normal was. I’m dealing with my damage now, and I’m realizing.. at 20.. that this isn’t normal. or acceptable.

  11. Oh man
    Taking their kids door away for minor things (Ex. Doesn’t take out the trash)
    Getting upset at the kid for flinching whenever they raise their arm (Especially in public)
    And abusing their kids and only treating them like a god in front of friends

    (Note: I was lucky enough to have a ok mum, I did not go threw these-)

  12. We grew up being yelled at . One day I was at bro’s house, he didn’t like something his toddler son was doing and stated raising his voice at him, which wasn’t working. I said, don’t yell at him and he proceeded to raise his voice at me saying, don’t tell me how to raise him.

    I backed off. Knowin where thats heading… se la ve.

  13. One of my professors told me about this couple. They had one child and that was enough for the mother. But the father wanted a second child. Both parents were pretty solid in their conviction, and it was actually becoming a real problem in their marriage. So finally the mother agrees to carry another child with the condition that she is not required to do any of the parenting. So that’s what they did. The father is completely and totally responsible for the child-for feeding him, grooming him, teaching, discipline, absolutely everything, and the mother’s stuck to her word. She does not lift a finger to help that child. She doesn’t interact with the child. I asked my professor how messed up the kid is because of his upbringing, but it’s too soon to really know.

  14. This is reversed but once I was waiting for a prescription to be ready at a pharmacy and a mother with her 6 year old son came and sat down beside me. The son became angry about something and began screaming “Fuck you! Fuck you, Mom!” at his mother and was disrupting the entire place.

    I imagine that kind of thing caused problems for many generations. Before they left the mother said to me, in an apologetic, embarrassed kind of way, that her son was mimicking what her husband would often say to her.

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