[serious] what is a subtle cry for help that’s commonly ignored ?

[serious] what is a subtle cry for help that’s commonly ignored ?

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  1. Jokes. Jokes are so commonly used as a thing to confess stuff in a way that if not taken seriously can be brushed off with a laugh. For example:

    ‘Oh yeah, if I don’t get x done my partner will kick the shit of me! hahaha’

    ‘Oops! Just killed grandma! The flower garden is getting a bit full now days!’

    ‘Guess I’ll just go kill myself now! Hahaha’

    ‘Oh I’m fine, just super depressed, it’s fine hahah!’

    That type of thing, obviously it’s hard to express in text, but the way these kinds of things are said is often very light hearted. It’s very disarming because people who are fine also do make these kinds of jokes. Which makes it hard to pick up on.

  2. “I’m fine” and “I’m okay” depending on tone. A lot of time they are not fine or okay and are secretly hoping that someone notices and pushes them.

  3. Flinching, if someone gets very easily startled its sort of a sign their system is commonly on high alert for danger. Also some passive behaviour is an indicator of abuse.

  4. If one of them says they are just dating and the other says they are fully together you should try to get them out of the relationship because it will most likely become toxic

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