(Serious) What is an aspect of life you’ve come to accept?

(Serious) What is an aspect of life you’ve come to accept?

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  1. I don’t want much and I have come to accept my contentment.

    It used to bug me and I’d think I was weird for not wanting a house or cars and shit.

    I’m pretty boring but I’m happy.

  2. That I will never truly connect with the people I love. No matter how hard I try. We are just made up of different experiences, motivations and mental illnesses. We come close sometimes, but it always feels like I’m speaking with a layer of glass between us.

  3. People are selfish for the most part.

    People can talk about themselves, their history, wants, tragedies, desires, goals, and on and on for hours and get no more then the other person’s name.

    Any story you share will be responded with something about themselves, or their family. Conversation is always steered back on to them.

    It’s difficult to have a philosophical conversation with ~90% of the people because it’s always repackaged as a conversation about them.

    Unless in a formal setting like job interview or presentation, most social settings are people just exchange turns talking about themselves.

    I’ve learned many people’s entire life story in a evening by just listening and nodding along, smiling at the right times and asking two maybe at most three follow up questions and your their best friend. Why? Because you let them talk about themselves all night and they loved that. They never got more then my first name as they never inquired past that.

  4. I will never have the adventure I crave. I don’t have the money, time or ambition to get out there and see the wonders of the world, despite how desperately I dream of doing so.

  5. That I will never have a “group” of friends, or that I will never be part of one, no matter what country I am living in or what life circumstance I am in.

    Simply because I realised I feel better and get along rather with individuals or a maximum of two people at once

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  7. That life is just a story, it doesn’t always go the way the main character wants but even so, there has to be an ending a happy or a tragic one doesn’t make a difference

  8. the fact that I’ve got three younger siblings and not one of them ending up being a brother. I was only really disapointed by that at a really young age, but while in my teen years I got far more mature about it, internally it still wasn’t an outcome that I considered ideal. I still thought to myself that if my family situation were different that my life would be better.

    Now that we’re all adults, I should probably be happy that I don’t have a brother because of my siblings I’m the only one who didn’t go to college. I’ve got bipolar disorder and I’m the only one with mental illness. I’m also the only one who’s had some issues with substance use. I can’t take for granted that gender is the only reason for that difference, but it probably didn’t hurt, and I should probably be grateful to not have to deal with any unstable family members.

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