[Serious] What is the scariest/most unexplainable thing you’ve come across in the woods?

[Serious] What is the scariest/most unexplainable thing you’ve come across in the woods?

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  1. My dad used to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. He had a huge piece of land, that use to have an old farmhouse that got burnt down a long time ago. They had an a medium sized section of woods on the land, and nearby the entrance to the woods, if I took a turn, there wss a small graveyard with the family of the farmers who used to live on the land.

    Maybe 200 or so years old. There was another small section of woods that separated another, older section of the graveyard. Dont know why.

    One day, I was exploring as I used to love to do, my favourite was finding my way to the graveyard and then to explore further from there.

    Middle of the day I went… with the dog. I looked toward the section of woods that separated the two graveyard areas and I saw this huge… figure? Like a human but really, really tall. Too tall to be human. It was also bright and this thing was pitch black like it didn’t even have any shadow or depth to it, it was just black. The dog barked at it, it looked like it shifted in my direction and I ran like hell.

    Didn’t look back. Just ran.

  2. I was 11 exploring the woods with my bro when we came across a small clearing with a red and white checkered picnic blanket that had a skinned, bloody, chopped up animal carcass on top baking in the sun.

  3. Me and my mum were walking our dog through the woods. Found a giant hole in the ground. It looked dug out, like a man cave. Hundreds of beer bottles inside

  4. One time I was out camping on my parent’s property with a college boyfriend. Had a lovely evening getting set up, cooking dinner, overall chilling around the campfire. As it started to get late and we were beginning to talk about turning in, we started hearing loud raucous voices. The sound seemed to be coming from over the next hill. The only problem was, I know for a fact there is no easy access to that area. No roads – nothing. We are literally camped in the middle of a forest with nothing around us for miles.

    I’m pretty experienced in the woods, and honestly the only thing I fear in them is another human being. So hearing what sounded like a huge group of drunken people who have snuck onto private property late at night to party hard spooked me pretty good. We ended up leaving our stuff and hiking/driving back to my parent’s house that night.

  5. Me and a friend of mine heard some weird almost Celtic chanting when taking a walk through the woods as if someone was sacrificing a cow.
    I wanted to investigate but he almost shit his pants so we just rushed home before it was too dark.

  6. Borderline scary was the first vacation to the mountains of northern New Mexico. We were at a lookout at the top of a comparatively small hill that had a picnic table. It was only a 10 minute or so walk up the hill following a winding trail. After spending awhile at the lookout my wife went ahead and started down, but I forgot my binoculars on the table so turned back. Coming back on my own I somehow went off the trail and couldn’t find it. The dense forest prohibited seeing very far. So I just walked down the hill (on the wrong side) and found the road at the bottom. So I was never really in any true danger, but it demonstrated how easily one can lose their way and sense of direction when every tree looks the same and that’s all you see.

  7. Well, it was me . I had a dream that night about being dragged into the woods , waking up with a note that said , “if you can get out before sunrise you live . Run” I don’t sleep walk , and there is no way for me to get out into the woods even if I was sleep walking . Next morning , I woke up in the woods with a deer sniffing my face ..

  8. A few years ago when I was on holiday in Germany I found a small black Nike bag, it was hanging on a tree in the middle of nowhere. I looked inside and there were bags of pink powder. Looked kinda like pink playdoh. No idea what it was. Creeped me out.

  9. I was ridding late through the woods and saw a light of another bike behind me, didnt
    think much of it until I saw the light going straight in a curve. I came
    back to help the biker. But there was nothing there. I jumped on the
    bike and left full speed. Came back next day with sunlight and there
    was nothing there. I still think about it everytime I pass by and I can even describe the light and know what bike uses that headlight. It will be in my head forever. And NO ONE believes me…

  10. Found a pistol sitting next to a tree. Turned it in to police and turns out it was apart of a murder case. I walked through this forest normally and one day (after finding the weapon) I saw a little kid who said “can you help me?” Of course I said yes, he brought me to a flat part of the forest and said “here!” And I looked down. There was a grave site. Looked up and the kid was gone. Never going in those woods again.

  11. A pile of dead cattle pieces, mostly heads. Now I understand that might be the sort of thing a farmer/rancher discards but… if you owned them in the first place, don’t you have enough land for your own corpse pile? And WHY and HOW did you fucking get them here, in the middle of the woods? There’s no roads, did you have a trailer on a quad just to put these things there?

  12. Nothing unexplainable, but a red fox’s “scream” will damn near make you fall out of a deer stand. Sounds a lot like a woman screaming(and most people that thing they heard a cougar most likely actually heard a red fox, at least in this part of the world)

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