(Serious) What is the strangest and most unexplainable thing you’ve experienced?

(Serious) What is the strangest and most unexplainable thing you’ve experienced?

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  1. After my brother passed I inherited his old TV I had never seen the TV before.
    I set it up in my bedroom but it had an anti thief code on it so it wouldn’t tune to channels without having a 5 digit code.

    Weeks later I dreamt of my brother and he told me the code .. which worked…

  2. Three years ago, I had a bizarre dream involving me and my grandpa. In that dream, we’re sitting at a park that I don’t recognize. The weather was good and the atmosphere was relaxing. We talked about some stuff (which I forgot what about), then suddenly, the sky darkened. I looked up to see what’s going on and I saw a group of extremely huge bird-like creatures flying toward us. Other people in the park seem to not notice anything.

    My grandpa was also looking at the sky so I asked him what’s going on and why only us could see them. What he said still chilled me to this day. He said, “Of course, only the dead can see them.”

    I woke up all of a sudden with my heart pounding so hard and I was very sweaty despite the cold weather. I was unable to sleep anymore that night.

    The next day, I received the news that my grandpa passed away that night.

    I think that it’s just all a big coincidence but I can say that it’s one of the most mysterious things that happened to me.

  3. When I was young (4ish) I was somewhat sensitive. There was was a prophetic dream I had of someone kneeling in the corner of the living/dining room that was normally covered by a cabinet. At this point of my life I had never seen that wall without anything in front of it. The man was wearing a red flannel shirt, jeans, and had that abstract dreamlike blur. About 7 months later my parents had decided to replace the carpet, and scene for scene my father in the red flannel was explaining what replacing carpet was and why the cabinets were moved.

  4. I’ve had too many to recount them all. I’m not psychic or sensitive or anything, I just have seen a lot of weird shit happen.

    The first one, I was about 9, I was friends with a girl who’s Mom had moved houses several times because she was being chased by a ghost. They knew who it was, the first house they “met” it in had had a tragic death, they called the ghost that dude’s name. It had chased them across state lines.

    So I knew the story, was at her house, she had a new puppy named Saskatoon. We were walking the pup around the block, Mom was out getting groceries or something.

    When we got back to the house, all the furniture had been moved. Like, couch blocking the door, moved. My friend yelled at the ghost to put it back. We walked down the street and back, no one entered, no one left that house, all the furniture was back in place when we got back.

  5. I was at a fair when I was a little kid and I was watching this little kiddie ride go around and around. The only thing holding up these carts was a single flat metal track and the wheels on the carts were just flat metal wheels. I thought to myself “one of those are going to fall off” I turn by back for a second and then one of the carts fell off. Thankfully, the little girl in it was okay but that was some weird premonition.

  6. I can’t use the ceiling fan in my living room. Normally I’d turn the fan on and leave the lights off, letting the natural light illuminate my room. However, I haven’t been able to do that since my landlord replaced the ceiling fan with a remote controlled ceiling fan about a year ago. Every so often, the light will randomly turn on or when it’s on the light will randomly turn off again. So I’ve just turned off the breaker to my ceiling fan and only use lamps in my living room from now on.

    My best guess is that a neighbor has the same ceiling fan that just happens to have the same frequency for their remote. But I truly don’t know.

  7. This is gonna sound so weird. But I had a lucid dream before and I met this guy, blurry faced, but I know he has a very beautiful smile. He’s kind and wild at the same time (dream includes us happily beating up some Yakuzas using a baseball bat then laughing while running away lmao) he just felt very familiar, like I was meant to see him but I just can’t. And there’s just this bugging feeling I can’t get off from me since that dream talking about ‘the other side.’ The other side? What the f*ck is the other side? Sht still haunts me to this day.

  8. I was sleeping outdoors on a wonderful summer’s night, while staying with my cousin. I happened to notice a point of light moving across the sky. I recognized it as an earth-orbiting satellite, having spotted many before, and started to explain to my cousin how satellites could be seen by reflected light at just this time of night (not long after sunset).

    As I was explaining, that point of light reversed course and moved slowly in the other direction. Then reversed course again.

    To this day I can’t explain it. It clearly wasn’t an airplane.

  9. I’ve had a few experiences that I can’t explain, but the one that stands out the most is when I was lying in bed and I felt something crawl onto my leg. I looked down and there was a huge beetle on me! I freaked out and got it off of me as fast as I could. I’ve never seen a beetle that big before and I still have no idea how it got into my room.

  10. Answer: My ROKU has been turning on – – – to override the antenna signal =

    Happened twice now – –

    Not spooking me YET – –

    but if the TwilighttZone comes on ~ ~ ~

  11. My family and I had been hearing things around the house for days. The next day a wedges packet turned up in the bin. We don’t have wedges.
    That night I kept hearing voices in a part of the house next to the garden and behind the fragile fence. Checked the next day. Noone there.

  12. Not something I experienced, but the one of many reasons why my parents (Hindu family) believe in the seers of our religion. We have lots of stories like this. This one stood out to me in particular.

    My dad’s best friend growing up in India was always a cautious boy. The reason for this is because his parents consulted a seer to know their fate. The boy was told that he is destined to die young, by cause of water, and this fate is bound to his soul. In an attempt to circumvent this, the boy’s parents had his name changed and ordered him to stay away from any forms of water. They thought this had ultimately changed his soul (names are a pretty big deal in Hinduism).

    My dad and him had big plans then to leave India during college for greener pastures. They left for Germany and later the United States together. However, mid way through college, my dad’s friend had to return to India (family thing).

    My dad proceeded to America alone and had a family. He then had a business trip back to India and thought “maybe I should visit my old friend”.

    He went back and searched for his friend. The town elder said he died 20 years ago at age 22.

    The cause of death: drowning, trying to save a child caught in a flood.

    I can’t explain how the seer saw this or even could know. The seer saw that this boy would die both young (dying at 20 is very young) and by water (he drowned), both of which were correct predictions. I want to believe it’s merely coincidence, but there’s way more stories like this that my parents have. People say it’s just coincidence, but story after story, I begin to wonder, could the old religions have been onto something?

  13. My brother had muscular dystrophy and died at the age of 10 in our home. He of course had been wheel chair bound his entire life. Well after his passing we moved into my grandmothers house because our house got foreclosed on due to my mother not being mentally stable enough for work. Well one night after almost everything was moved into my grandmothers house. I came down stairs after playing video games to find that my mom left his motorized chair right in the kitchen with the lights off without my knowledge. Well as soon as I turned the kitchen lights on there he was sitting in the chair. He just smiled for a second then disappeared. I’ve never been able to explain it.

  14. Yeah I turned on the news and there was this guy with yellow hair down by the Capitol building in Washington DC. He was whipping up a mob of Neanderthals who minutes later attacked the Capitol. The strange thing was that the next day they didn’t hang the man by the neck until dead. What happened to rule of law, law and order, and justice in the USA?

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